Sunday, March 3, 2013

is this getting boring yet?

Every week I post about more charity blocks.  And here I am again this week with little else to show.  Okay, nothing else...I didn't get a photo of the challenge quilt and I'm too lazy to go do it now.

But I took Friday off to make our yearly pilgrimage to Bass Pro Shops for the hubby's birthday shopping spree.  (His birthday is at the end of this month, but they had some really good Friday-only sales, so we went early.)  So that meant I should make an extra block, right?

After a long drive up there, a long time wandering through what looked like aisles and aisles of the same fake worms in different packages, a good lunch and a long drive home, I was able to get to what I wanted to do!

Cactus Plant

I also took a nap and worked a while on sewing down some bacteria.

Saturday wasn't so productive with the challenge quilt, but I managed to get a block done!

Brave World

I like the way the pink really pops in this one.  And this would make great secondary patterns if done as a whole quilt.

I also did the little unsewing-whirly-thing with the seams on the back where all the points meet in the center.  I tried to take photo of that, but it didn't turn out, so you can just imagine it okay?  (Sorry!)

And then today, once I completed all my chores, I kept the iron hot (yay for ironing work clothes, right?) and sewed this beauty:

Ohio Star

This one gave me fits.  I trimmed and pressed carefully and whirled the centers and then went to sew my perfectly 4.5" squares together and it looked awful.  I ripped and resewed and I'm still not completely happy, but so much for precision piecing working for you.

And I kinda wish I'd fussy cut the center so that circle was centered.  But when you're working with what you have, that doesn't always happen.  (And I'm nearly out of the pink, so you'll be seeing other colors soon!)

So now it's off to work on the challenge quilt.  I've sewn down maybe half of the bacteria now, but it's slow going.  And as you all know, I'm very good at procrastinating.  But I hope by next Sunday I'll have some of the next stretch started and something more interesting to show.

Happy quilting!


canuckquilter said...

I'm not bored yet :) I look forward to seeing your block choice every week. And yay ! for being almost all out of the pink, not because I don't like the pink but because one of the goals of this exercise was to use stuff up, right? And as you just told me, we're all our own worst critic - I don't see anything wrong with that last block!

a good yarn said...

Nope, not bored. Despite your protestations of laziness (which one is entitled to on weekends) you have still managed to tackle quite a few tasks. The blocks are looking terrific. I hear your pain with blocks that wont go together properly.

Beth said...

I like your challenge blocks. The pink really does pop on that brave world block.
I would imagine that sewing down bacteria is very difficult. ;)
Bet the hubby was happy with all his loot from the shopping trip.
Happy stitching.

Lynette said...

The flowers on the green are so fun. :) Wait - what's wrong with that bottom block? It looks great!

Liriopia said...

Katie, you are NEVER boring. Pink and green are wonderful together and your blocks are great! Keep it up!


---"Love" said...

I've enjoyed seeing what blocks you come up with next, and I love the pink and green fabrics. You're going to have a very pretty quilt when you put them together! ---"Love"

Marsha B said...

Your blocks are great. I love the green fabric with the cute flowers. The pink really makes them pop. Can't wait to see more!