parade of tops

I have a lot of quilt tops. 
Too many, really.

In the sidebar, the finished quilts get all the glory. 
The tops are getting a little feisty.

So they'll get their own page.

Gradually I'll add them as I find and take photos (some are pre-blog!) and add their info as I find it and the time to post it. 
Feel free to ask me to go looking if it's not here and you want to know.

When they become finished quilts, they'll get their own link over there on the side.

The APQ Blog Buddies blocks swap top. 
It has borders...I'll have to go find that photo...
Made in 2010.

Blackford's Beauty top. 
Mystery quilt at the first quilt retreat I ever attended.
I was the ONLY person there to finish my top.  Also the youngest person in the room.  :)
Made around 2000 - the future hubby suggested I "frame it"...he's learned a lot since then!

"Make Life" charm square top quilt. 
Made in 2010.

"Origins" charm square winnings caused this quilt.
Pattern can be found on the Moda Bake Shop website: "Crossing Paths."
Made in 2010.

For my bed.  Someday.  It also has had borders added.
Cover quilt from American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, December 2000.
"Looking Back"
by Alice Berg
blocks alone make the quilt 80"x100"
I'm not good enough to quilt this yet...

Though it's a bit more than a top, it's not going further than this for a while.
My first applique. 
Made to hang on a blank wall for the apartment I lived in from October 1999 to October 2000. 
Photo taken around 2006...yeah...hand quilting and I are not such good friends.

Kit I purchased at a quilt shop I found in a outlet strip mall while my hubby was trying to replace pants he'd spilled wings on at the St. Louis Hard Rock Cafe. 
Happy coincidence.
Pattern was American Patchwork and Quilting magazine, June 2009.
"Summertime Blues"
by Jill Finley
Made in 2009.

Whirlygiggle top. 
Two freebie charm packs picked up at a shop hop and a pattern found here and I wish I hadn't put in cornerstones...
Made in 2010.

"French Kiss"
pattern by Fig Tree Quilts
in "Bliss" fabrics.
With wavy borders to be fixed someday.
Finished in 2011.

from book "A Quilter's Dozen"
in Pure fabrics.
Can you believe I moan and groan about my entire downstairs being decorated in coutry blue and tan and then bought these fabrics, all excited about them?  Silly me!
Finished in 2011.

"Lavender Mist"
quilt kit from JoAnn Fabrics.
Renamed "Lavender Fudge" thanks to all the trouble that precut pieces gave me.
Finished in 2011.

"Floral Breeze"
kit from JoAnn Fabrics.
What a bad photo...
Finished in 2011.

"Stars and Stepping Stones"
This quilt was planned to be a summer quilt for our bed.  The bedroom was painted a pale green.  We moved out of that house in 2002...
I think it might need borders and I'm out of the white.

"Simply Sweet"
Another JoAnn's kit.
I love this and the colors and the funkiness, but have no idea what I'll do with it.
And yes, that is hand applique.

"Birdies on a Wire"
kit from Connecting Threads
renamed "Creepy Birides" until they get their eyeballs (after quilting)
finished November 2011

"Garden Variety"
from Summer 2010 Quilts and More magazine
fabric and quilt designed by Holly Holderman
(Lakehouse Dry Goods)
completed December 2011

Lone Star with Whig Rose appliques
about 50" square
completed December 2011

"Please Don't Eat the Daisies"
by Jackie Robinson
top completed January 2012
queen-size bed size

More to come!