Thursday, October 4, 2018

tbt Makayla's baby quilt

A few months back, for a Throw Back Thursday post, I shared Randy and Jennifer's wedding quilt.  I mentioned that they have two kids, Makayla and Denis.  Makayla got a quilt for her second birthday - an I Spy quilt with a purple background I blogged about here.  She also got a baby quilt that I haven't shared.  So it's time!

I had posted this on my older (now long gone) blog exactly 10 years ago today, so it seems like it SHOULD be reposted today.  (And to be honest, when I sat down at the computer, I WAS going to share about my UFO progress...)  But not exactly the same info...because reasons.

And wouldn't you know it, I can't find my photos.  Good thing I have a scrapbook of some earlier quilts so I can scan it in!

So Makayla is a bit of a miracle baby.  Mom and dad tried and tried and jumped through a lot of hoops and finally gave up.  And then got pregnant!  Little brother came much more easily, but was no less of a surprise.  I'm so happy for them and they're great parents.

The two of us went fabric shopping at a quilt shop near Jennifer's home.  I don't usually let recipients make these decisions (or anyone else - if you're not a quilter, it's hard to understand scale and such!), but this was special.  We came home with BRIGHT fabrics, but Jennifer was sure.

She had picked a pattern called "Ladybug, Ladybug" from the book "In the Nursery" but didn't want the ladybugs, just the flowers.  Okay.  I had made this same quilt twice before for her niece, Emily (with the ladybugs - once in NOT pink colors per pregnant mom and once in LOTS OF PINK when the first one disintigrated (yay used quilts!) and a desperate 5-year-old had a meltdown and would have nothing less than pink, pink, pink!), and knew what I was in for.

We also bought extra pink for a crib skirt (which I made) and curtains (which I did not make).  Mom was super worried about organizing and having things tidy.  (I know her house now is still pretty tidy, but wonder how much of that she's let go with two kids?!)  So the crib skirt was a nice way to hide bins of baby whatnot.

So are you ready?

This is the only photo I have, but hey, I have a photo!

My mom quilted it for me - this was well before my longarm and also before I was confident enough to try these things on my own.  It's not super big, but plenty big for a baby.  And not very pink here, but the pink in the petals is what the rest of the nursery was decorated with.

The flowers are needle-turned hand applique.  Which I know some of you will groan about because you think it won't hold up.  Though I haven't seen this one much since it was given, I have seen others and they DO hold up better than you think.  And really?  If they don't?  I have a good excuse to make another.  And a warm, fuzzy feeling that a quilt I made was LOVED.  As it should be.

I'll be back in a few days with TWO UFO finishes.  I never posted about last month's (it's just one block), but I also finished the quilt on the list for this month already!  To be fair, there wasn't much left to be done.  But it's done!

As with my post 10 years ago, tomorrow I am headed to a guild quilt show that my mom belongs to - with my mom.  It should be a fun time with her and depending on how things go, I might raid her stash for tiny star fodder!  (I haven't cut any more from my hidden random stash yet, but have a pretty good idea what I have and know I'm really low on yellow and orange and could use more pink, purple and red as like most of the colors!)

Happy quilting!


---"Love" said...

That's a very pretty quilt, and your needle turned applique looks great, as does your mother's quilting. Looking forward to what you come up with next, you busy girl! ---"Love"

a good yarn said...

That's such a lovely bright quilt. Have a wonderful time at the show!

Marsha B said...

That is a sweet little girl quilt and I bet he loves it!

Andree G. Faubert said...

Hi Katie, what a lovely quilt - and yes, there is nothing better than a quilt that is loved to death. Thanks so much for posting on TBT. Have a great time with your Mom at the guild meeting!