Monday, February 26, 2024

just stitch book pages

As predicted, last week at work was exhausting, so I didn't do much sewing.  Reading and relaxing, but the spring setup is starting to look like something, so there's that!

The stitch book didn't get missed, but that's just a small commitment each day.

I finished page 7 and am nearing done with page 8.  Almost half done!

A little more running stitches in matching colors.

More colored running stitches...

...and more running stitches.

Now what?  Oh, buttons!  (This was looking quite finished a few days before, but it's hard to just sew a little bit.)

Page 8, day 36.

Day 37 (day two for this particular page) and I'm already feeling like it's done.  Uh oh!

Just a little birdie embroidery for day 38, but it took a while.  And yes, he's upside down.  I went over the design in the fabric.  I probably could have turned him over, but by the time I realized I COULD, I had put in the eye and figured I'd just roll with it.

I have no idea what I'm going to do for two more days on this, but I'll figure it out.

And that is all.

This week, the mystery quilt from Canuck Quilter starts, so that will be a nice thing to dig into once the crazy of final spring setup at work ends.

I also need to get the label put on the wedding quilt that was supposed to be given on new years, but we didn't end up going to the wedding and I've forgotten about it far too many times than I should have.  Maybe I'll get that done today and get it mailed...

Time to go figure out what today will hold and if it includes that quilt that maybe then I can finally share?!

Happy quilting,

Monday, February 19, 2024

stitch book and heating pad covers

Hand-sewing on the stitch book continued this week - I finished the 5th page, started and finished the 6th and then yesterday started the 7th.

And in order:

The last day of page 5 - it doesn't look like much of a change from the day before, but I stitched over some of the flowers in the blue triangle.  I was running out of ideas.

The start of page 6 and I don't want to cover any of the words!

But if there's a cat involved, it's okay, right?  (Actually, that was strategically planned.)

Some running stitches won't cover the words too much, right?

Maybe a few more running stitches?  These days I'm getting about 15 minutes, not the longer stretch that I sometimes do.  But that's okay.  15 minutes was the goal.

And the last day.  Want to know how to get those beautiful, "organic," not straight, not even stitches?

Get a cat.  About 5 months old should be about the right age to get into EVERYTHING and look cute doing it.

And finally day 31, start of page 7.  These little 9-patches are left over from when I made magnets a while ago.  I strip-pieced the sections and had extras.  They went into the bin and for this page, they seemed perfect to just "toss" on the letter page.

I see more running stitches between the lines on this page because again, I don't want to cover up the words!  (If I do this again next year, I'll try to choose page backgrounds more wisely.)

As for machine-sewing, the heating pad covers for Saved by Zade took priority.  It's nearly the end of the season, so I needed to get my behind in gear.

A lot of random fabric in here, but it's all stuff someone didn't want any more and while some of it was pretty, I just can't justify adding any more to my stash.  Plus, this was donated to be used for the kitties, so I'd feel guilty about taking it.  (I could replace it, but I still don't need it.)

Twenty more covers, one for each of the heating pads I'm aware they have.  I'll have them reassess what they have mid-summer, both heating pads and covers, and make up for any deficiencies.

While I was sewing, the kitties were coming and going.  Lily was "helping" more than most, Salem was sometimes "helping" and the boys were all mostly napping here and there.

At one point, I heard a HUGE purring sound.  I turned to find Salem.

I bought this cat bed years ago, but most of my kitties are too big for it.  Salem is just about 8 pounds and fairly petite - she fits perfectly!

And finally, a little bit of the Rainbow Scrap Challenge red sewing.

The half square triangles turned up in my bin for the stitch book, so I stole them and made one lonely block.  Otherwise, I don't have as much to work with this month as I did with greens (last month), but that's okay.  My stash of 1.5" squares in red has diminished quite a bit and I can probably make a few more blocks before I call it quits.

I did try one leaf block for the Tall Poppies quilt and was fairly frustrated, but that is a whole other story and somewhat my own fault, so we'll leave it there.  I may try again today, or maybe not.  This week is going to be crazy at work, so I'm debating just taking it easy today to prepare.  (Also the hubby is working odd shifts, so he's home in the morning this week.)

Happy quilting!

Monday, February 12, 2024

a little more

As was the case last week, not a lot of sewing happened here, but there as some and that counts, right?

The exciting stuff is the 100 day stitch book pages.

Day 18

Day 19

Day 20 - the completion of this page.  I really love that I added flowers to the bike baskets.  I'm not so sure about the X stitches in green in the corner.  And I'm struggling to like attaching the fabrics with anything other than a big running stitch.

Day 21, Page 5 - a little mini block left over from when I sewed something wrong.  And French knots are hard, particularly when you're trying to space them on a bias edge.

Day 22 - I debated keeping going with the running stitch on the white, but had an idea...

Day 23 - The idea furthered...

Day 24 - the rest of the idea (though I thought about filling in with more French knots around the beads, but it looks nice this way I think)

Today is day 25, and I have no idea what else I will do to this, but I'll see what strikes me when I sit down to work on it.

Some days I have to turn on the laser mouse and throw toys, other days Lily does this:

(Currently she is trying to chew my thumbs off.  She also opened another window mid-word and has stomped on the B key for about a page and a half.  She's lucky I love her so much.)

I have been sewing heating pad covers for the cat rescue and have a self-imposed deadline of the end of the month.  So I can start a new quilt along!

Way back in the days of my baby blog that was a part of American Patchwork and Quilting, I "met" Joanne.  She made fabulous quilts and in the intervening years (it's been a couple)  has become an amazing pattern designer and you may have seen Canuck Quilter at your local quilt shop.


She is hosting a mystery quilt, starting on February 29th.

Photo by Canuck Quilter

Being just two colors, there's no chance of bats, right?  (I really, really wish I had a photo of that quilt because it comes up far more often than you'd expect.)

I decided, since there are three size options, to go small and make one for my new great-niece.  (Her mom married my nephew at the end of 2023 and while we've been around her for most of her life, things were sketchy with the nephew (not her dad) and her mom at the time of her birth, so she doesn't have a quilt.)

I went fabric shopping with an open mind, just knowing I'd like the quilt to be girly-ish.  (So none of my beloved greys and blacks...)

The hot pink caught my eye first (I had trouble getting the color just right in the photo, so hopefully future photos will do a better job, but this is close), but I wandered through everything trying to make sure I had a good match.

I love the girliness of the floral and tried SO VERY HARD to add purple, but as anyone who tries to use purple will know, there are 400,000,000 shades and the stores never have THE shade you need.

Back to the pink.

Now I just have to wait for the first clue!

If you're in the mood for a new project, Joanne writes really good patterns and I know this will not disappoint.  I mean, I haven't seen it yet, but I'm sure it will be good.  So sign up and join me!

And I'll leave you with one nerdy thing...

The Storygraph where I track my books, has a streak feature.  I turned it on last January because they had a competition to read every day in January.  I kept it going through this January and hit 400 days in a row that I've read at least one page.  While I do read a lot, I'm pretty sure I would have read less and had days where I just skipped reading altogether if I didn't have this to keep me motivated.

Alright, time to go figure out what else the day will hold.  I need 10 more heating pad covers and have one more day of stitching on the current stitch book page.  And Lily has almost chewed off my left thumb, so I guess its time to head off.

Happy quilting!

PS Now that I'm done, Lily has settled on my lap and is purring herself to sleep.  Of course she is.

Monday, February 5, 2024

still just a little stitching

I thought this week I'd get more done sewing-wise, and I did maybe sew more, but sheesh!  Where does the time go?!

I made a few red 9-patches from my stash of 1.5" squares for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.

No two are alike, but that's okay.  I have quite a few more red squares to go, but I ran out of time the day I worked on these.

These were my reward for working on heating pad covers for the cat rescue group.  I had lots of help with that this week...

Salem tested this fabric for snuggleability.  Or maybe she was just showing off how pretty she is?

The second fabric I found Lily wanted to pose...

...because...look more closely at that selvedge...

I tried to figure out how old this fabric is (it's quite thin by today's standards for this brand), but had no luck.  You know how internet searches go...*eyeroll*

Toby was also around...

I'm not sure if he's angry or confused here, but he does not look like his normal curled-up-in-the-poof-snoring self.  I don't remember exactly what I was doing, but turned around and caught this face.

I managed to make three covers.  I finished the first set (20 in total), but fell off the wagon for a second set.  I'm trying to get back to them, but life seems to keep getting in the way.  Not a bad thing, just life.

I have been managing to get my 100 day stitch book every day, so here's a quick photo of each of the days since my last post.

Page 3

It doesn't look like much, but I'm excited about the plan.

A little more foundation work...

And BOOM the big plan!

This doily was given to me years ago by a quilty friend.  I'm not sure where it came from, but I'm pretty sure she'd be happy to see it here.  I didn't cut the excess - it will just be sewn into the seam allowance when I make the book. 

It needs more green.

It still needs more green, but those beads took forever to sew down and I'm calling it done for now.

It seems every page, by the end, I have something I'd like to change - add or remove.  We'll see how things shake out at the end.  For now I'm leaving it and calling it good learning experiences.

Page four started.  This turned out better than I imagined.

More purple. And some stitches I'm not sure I like.

Today there will be more purple added.  I, again, have a plan, but we'll see.  Part of me wanted to just keep echo-stitching the whole thing after the first day on this page.

I wasn't sure how the stitch book project would go, but I find myself looking forward to it every day and pondering if I could do a second one or make it last longer or something.  I've also got some ideas for next year...oh dear!

Bramble Blooms is good for now.  I'll wait for the next prompt and see where that leads me.  I might add more back to the borders I worked on last week, or not.

And the Tall Poppies quilt along may or may not happen for me at this point.  The organizer said she'd pace it slowly, but it was so slow that I've kinda moved on to other things while I was waiting.  And maybe talked myself out of the background I chose.  So we'll see if I fall back into that or not.  I debated making just one block to see how the background goes, but...

Happy quilting!