Sunday, September 30, 2012

baby quilt update

I've been plugging away at the 49-piece-each blocks for my next niece's quilt.

Today I finished #11 and #12 - ALL DONE!

I had hoped to get more done at my quilt group's Saturday sew day last weekend, but that didn't happen.  But I did make 12 relatively simple blocks that I sewed into a top and added a border to be a lap quilt to donate to a local VA hospital, so at least I got something done!

(Sorry, no photos...maybe later...)

And we went to a new deli in town and I had an awesome sandwich.  We'll be back there again soon!

I did get the applique portion of the baby quilt pinned down on Saturday, so I've been working on that a little here and a little there.  It seems to be going faster than the pieced blocks.

There is one more of these and I've made good progress, but those leaves seem to take longer than anything.

Next up is the pieced border.  I hope to have the top finished by this coming weekend so I can quilt it and have it ready for the shower the following Sunday.  I really don't want to be finishing it that morning, but I might be...

In other news, Friday was my birthday.  My awesome hubby ordered me a quilt kit I'd seen at the AQS show, but they were out of by Saturday when I saw it.  I took about 3 weeks to get here, but arrived right on my birthday!  How's that for perfect?!

Sorry the photo of the quilt pattern isn't great, but the photo doesn't do it much justice when made up in these fabrics.  (Photo is in batiks.)  Emma was trying to figure out what it was.  Never mind that it's been here and open since Friday afternoon...

I have no idea when I'll start this, but I think it will look rather nice on my sofa...keeping me warm, though I doubt it will keep me warm this winter!  Too many other projects with a deadline ahead of it.

Oh, it's called "Christmas Pickle"...sorry for Emma's head and the glare obstructing that.

And, in addition to this, he sent me an Edible Arrangements bouquet at work AND washed dishes, cleaned the bathroom and did some of the laundry!  AND took me out to dinner!  I'm not sure what got into him because he's usually not that good even for a birthday, but I'm surely not going to complain!  (Even if I am still finding dishes in truly random places since he also put away the clean ones...)

And my brother and his wife sent this pattern:

My sister-in-law and I found this at the AQS show for an excellent price (Bunny Hill patterns are NOT cheap) and I think we'll both be making it.  Again, not sure when, but someday.  The quilt hanging on the stair landing could be changed out to showcase this beauty in the winter!

So it's been a pretty good weekend.

I hope you all have also had good weekends, too!

Happy quilting,

PS I also made cupcakes for my quilt group meeting.  I thought it would be fun to take goodies for my birthday and I'd seen these on Pinterest, so I turned my fingers blue and had some fun.

They didn't come out quite as cute and if I ever make them again, I'll buy the black frosting to make eyeball dots instead of doing it with a toothpick and melted chocolate chips, but they tasted great!


canuckquilter said...

I love the way the quilt for your new niece is turning out. That applique section is so pretty and delicate. Happy belated birthday! I'm glad you had a happy quilty day. It seems your family "gets" you :) Great cookie monsters! With distractions like those to lure me, pinterest could be the end of any semblance of productivity in my house, so I think I'd better steer clear of Pinterest a while longer!

Debbie said...

Those cupcakes are so cute! I think you scored some great gifts. Happy Birthday.

---"Love" said...

What lovely red and green blocks, and also the applique! Your niece is going to love that one! Christmas Pickle looks difficult, but you'll have it together in no time I'm sure. The snowmen are cute too! You're going to be busy again, Girl! Cute cupcakes too!---"Love"

Liriopia said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATIE! Love all the work and the cookies are too cute. That Bunny Hill pattern is very enticing (I love snowmen!)


Beth said...

Me want cookie! LOL The cupcakes are almost too cute to eat.
Love teh pink and green quilt. Looks like you are making good progress on it.
Happy Birthday! Looks like you got great gifts. Glad you got some extra treats.
Happy stitching