Saturday, December 3, 2011

meet gavin

Yesterday I went to meet my new newphew, Gavin.

Born November 25, 2011, weighing 8lbs 13oz and I think 19" long.

(Mom had a c-section for those of you gasping at his size.)

He's a little sweetie.  He makes these awful faces like he's going to let out a huge scream and then settles back down again and doesn't make a peep!

He was welcomed home with this quilt:

(that I forgot to take a photo of with binding - it's green like the borders)

The quilt details:
"Nursery Rhyme" pattern
from the book Rock-A-Bye Quilts
by Leisure Arts
pieced and quilted by me!

The hubby helped pick out the pattern and suprized me since the original was done in turquoise and purple plaids!  I expected he'd cringe at that color combo, but maybe he shared my vision that the cows didn't have to be purple?

This will be the last little one for this sister-in-law, but the other sister-in-law on that side of the family is due in May!  In January she plans to find out of she's having a girl or boy, so that's when the fun will begin again and you know you'll be invited along for the quilty journey!

I haven't been quilting much lately, though I did finish my December UFO on the 1st.  I didn't have much left to do, as I'd been working on it already this year, so don't hate me!  I still have the Whig Rose applique to work on, so I'm really hoping I can complete 12/12...and then dig deeper to see what I can come up with for the 2012 challenge.

After my post on Tuesday, we lost power.  The 9" of heavy, wet snow didn't mix well with power lines (never mind roads) and around 8:45 that night, we saw a beautiful flash of blue and green lightning (yep, a real snowSTORM!) and the power went out.  It came on around noon the next day and I'm very thankful that it was a warmer snowstorm, because our house wasn't THAT cold.  The worst part is that we have our own well, so no power means no water.  You get ONE toilet flush, so you'd better make it count!  (But we were prepared with a few jugs of water, too.)  But power outages like that make me so much more appreciative of having what we do.  It made it a little easier to write out that larger check to pay for the gas/electric service this month!

Today we have a family Christmas party and are then bowling with friends.  And though I may not see the game, I'll definitely be cheering for my college team in their football playoff game to determine if they get to go to the Rose Bowl this year!  Though they're not expected to win, they beat this team once already this year...GO STATE!

Happy quilting,


Ruth said...

What a little cutie!! And I'm sure he will enjoy the darling quilt. Maybe I should join the UFO challenge next year. I really should, but do I want to? I will definitely think about it.

---"Love" said...

Cute little Gavin is going to love his quilt; can't you just see him touching those cows and grinning? Sounds like you have a busy schedule coming up. Have fun, and stay safe. Hope you don't lose power again! ---"Love"

Windsom Winds said...

He is so cute and I love how the cow's turned out. I wasn't sure about it when you first shared it, but it is a wonderful baby quilt!

a good yarn said...

He's a real sweetie and your quilt design was a terrific choice. Snow already - wow! We are having the wettest spring on record. Not that I mind - at least it's nice and cool. ann :-)

Beth said...

He is a cutie!!! His quilt is too.I just love the colors you used. I have that book too and you inspired me to try those cows one day soon.
Glad your power came back. The things we take for granted.
You have done so well on the UFO challenge. I do think that I must join for 2012 and maybe get some projects to the finish line.
Happy stitching.