Tuesday, December 6, 2011

tuesday sewing: gavin needs a stocking!

I realized earlier this week that my new nephew, Gavin, doesn't have a stocking!  Well, at least not one that I've made that matches the ones I made for his mom, dad, and big brother and big sister.  (I know he's only a week and a half old, but I really feel like I should have seen this coming...I did have about 7 months...)

It's my day off for the week, so I dug into sewing.  The hubby is back on a shift that brings him home around noon, so I can get up early and use the sewing machine without worrying I'll wake him.

I had to scramble to get enough fabric for another one.  I had a pack of coordinated homespun red and green fat quarters and boy did I squeeze this out.  Let's hope there aren't any more little ones for this family or I'll have to buy more fabric!
(Oh the horror!)

When I made the first three (mom, dad, and big sister), I never thought about what would happen if they added to the family.  I had to scramble to make big brother Ethan a stocking a few years ago - mom (sis-in-law) asked - so I figured I'd better get ahead of the game with Gavin's stocking!

Oh, it's looking like a stocking!  I had enough...but I don't have any more!

I had some help, too.  Funny that she was more interested in me paying attention to her than the thread I was using to tie with!  Eventually she gave up and went for a nap on the cat climbing tree that's inches away from my cutting table.

Almost finished!

Phew!  Done in plenty of time (I thought it would take more than a morning) and the few squares of fabric that don't match are partially cut off to make the toe and mostly under the cuff.

(I still need to press the cuff once the water I sprayed to get the blue pen out is dry.  It looks a bit wrinkly right now.)

And since I forgot to show my book stack on the 4th, you get to see it here!

Just one book shorter than a month ago...better than none, right?

I'll be working on binding the Star Flower quilt this afternoon and snuggling my sweet Tucker, who had an unpleasant experience going to the vet today.  It seems he has acid reflux - I never knew cats could get that!  Let's hope the Pepsid I picked up on the way home is the key.  The vet says if it's going to work, it should work quickly.

I also mentioned I'd finished my December UFO, but I'm going to wait to show it a while because I'm trying to finish up the Whig Rose applique and I'd like to do it all in one post.  (That way the linky on Patchwork Times can be just one from me.)

Happy quilting,


Christine said...

Very nice! Gavin is such a cutie! I love the quilt you made him. :)

canuckquilter said...

How nice that you managed to match Gavin's stocking to the rest of his family's. Our family stockings are quite a mismatched bunch, but we're all fiercely protective of our own, so there's no way we'll have a beautifully coordinated mantle anytime soon! It's best to match them from the start :)

---"Love" said...

Boy, that stocking came together in a hurry! It is precious! Gavin will love it when he realizes it comes stuffed with little toys! When are you going to take time to relax??? ---"Love"

Beth said...

What a cute stocking. Now Santa will be able to fill it up for him. You really got that done quickly. Happy stitching