Tuesday, November 29, 2011

november ufo done: creepy birdies

I procrastinated effectively this month and only finished my UFO yesterday - two days to spare.

I thought I'd come home from work tonight and go snap a photo quick using the clothesline before the sun really set.

Ahem...there was just a bit of slushy snow on the ground when I left work...1.25 hours later there's about an inch of wet white stuff and LOTS more coming down.  The first true snowfall of the year put lots of people in the ditch (and I'm torn between feeling bad for them and shaking my finger at them for driving too fast) and slowed my commute significantly (it's usually 30 minutes or less).  But I made it home safely, though my photographing abilities are quite hindered.  It's also dark!

So I made do - throw a few pillows off the couch and snap a quick photo - prove it's done!

It's a pattern from Connecting Threads called "Birdies on a Wire" but those eyeball-less birdies are creepy, so I think for now it's "Creepy Birdies".  The fabric is also from CT - Cheep Talk - and I purchased the kit nearly 2 years ago.  60"x66".

(The birdies do get button eyeballs, but I've chosen to leave those off until after it's quilted.)

In December last year, this is what I had:

Well, maybe it was a bit further along than this - quite a few birdie parts had been sewn down, so it didn't take much to complete, which is probably why I was so good at procrastinating.  I knew I could get it done in just a short time.

Look at those long rows to sew together - yech!  But I buckled down last night and power sewed and got them all together.  I had kitties nagging (why wasn't I reading a book so they could sit and snuggle?) and nearly missed my bedtime, but it's DONE!

10/11 monthly ufo challenges done!  (And I'm working on #11.)

Here's a closer look at some of the fabrics:

the strips between the rows of creepy birdies

And look - I even made binding!

I hope you're all staying warm and dry - I'm off to cook a hot, tasty dinner to warm me from the inside out.

Happy quilting!

PS  I forgot to mention that this ufo challenge is from Judy L over at Patchwork Times.  She's been motivating a lot of us for almost a whole year now, so a big THANK YOU and ginormous HUGS to Judy for this!


Marsha B said...

Great job! The birdies do look a little creepy but you don't want to work around the eyes when you quilt. They will be really cute when it is all done. I remember when you bought the fabrics for the quilt, has it been almost 2 years ago?!!! Glad you made it home safe and sound. We are in for our first winter weather in NM this weekend. We might get some valley snow with this one, definately I expect the mountains to be white. The worst part is the wind that is predicted to come with it. It will be great weather to sew!

Beth said...

Those birds are cute! (My girls think that all birds and fish are creepy cause of their eyes). Love the colors. You are really getting thru those UFOs. Want some of mine to finish? LOL
Glad you madeit home safely in the white stuff.

---"Love" said...

I remember last year looking at what you said would become birds, but I couldn't see it happening. *grin* Now I do see the birds, and they are really cute. It will be a fun quilt for someone! ---"Love"

Ruth said...

Yea! for a job well done! Yes, I do think they will look better when their eyes are complete, but they are looking very good otherwise.

Queenie Believe said...

I like the wee birdies... even with the white eyes. I think the buttons will be a fun addition to their eyes for a way fun quilt. Perhaps right now they're poor blind bird instead of creepy ;o)
Thank you for sharing the quilt top with us.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Lynette said...

lol!! They don't look creepy to me - and I love the stripy binding! :D

Heather said...

That will be just adorable when the birdies get their eyes! lol What a cute quilt! Best of luck with your remaining two UFOs. I have three to finish, but two are easy ones, so maybe... ;o)

JudyCinNC said...

One of the best things about this challenge is this is OTL = Off The List. Lovely little quilt. Judy C

Jennifer said...

great finish! and i love the quilt- refreshing enough to be different. i've been really motivated this year, too, and have finished so many projects. (and started way too many new ones!)

sao said...

I love that fabric - what a cute idea! GOOD JOB!

Carol said...

Way to go on one more finish - that's a mighty cute birdie quilt! It would be fun if we could hang everyone's finishes for the year all in one place and see them all up close.

Donna~~ said...

Cute Cute! Love the fabrics! (I do agree the birds need their eyes though!) Congrats on a cute finish!

Unknown said...

How about I sneak a few of my UFO's onto your list???? You woundn't mind would you??;) JK;)
Yes, those birds look a bit creepy right now, but I am sure once the buttons are on they will be cute again;)
Take care in the weather....we are expecting snow here this weekend. The winds have been terrible to say the least.
Happy Quilting!!

kwiltnkats said...

Good on you Katie to get a UFO done. I'm still working on my November and December. Yep I procrastenated a bit too long in November and I got what was inevitable. I've got to get busy to get caught up or December is sure to suffer in kind.