Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in review

It's been a crazy year, but a good one.  Mixed in with it all, I completed quite a few quilts, so I thought I'd make some fun collages to share.  Yeah, I know lots of others are doing it, but it does make one feel quite satisfied to sit with a pile of photos knowing you've made all of that - start to finish.

Most recently shown, there were Christmas quilts:

Not to be outdone by wedding/anniversary quilts:

There were quite a few baby quilts this year - 4 boys:

(and I'm sure 2012 won't be a big change from there - I already know I'll have another niece come May!)

A few quilts donated to charity:

Relay for Life (top) and Quilts for Kids (bottom)

I made a couple of wall-hangings and both went to my mom this time:

(she loved them both)

A few odds and ends of projects that aren't entirely quilts:

There were also 8 UFOs completed into tops (which I am considering done until I decide what to do with them):

And last but not least, a quilt for me!

(this is on my couch and gets used regularly!)

It looks like a lot, but I never felt frantic about finishing anything.  I'm a planner and I work best with a deadline and every one of these projects, except the one for me, had a deadline.  Whether self-imposed (the UFO challenge) or not (you can't put off a baby for a month because his quilt isn't done!), it got me busy and they all got finished.  On time.  I wasn't even sewing labels on while the hubby drove to wherever it was we were going to give the quilt away!  (Yes, I've done that - makes me horribly carsick - lesson learned.)

If you want more info on any of the quilts, I've listed them in the "2011 finishes" list on my left sidebar (they're all links to posts).  Or you can leave a comment and, so long as I have a way to answer, I'll answer.

I hope you all had a wonderfully productive year, however you measure it, and will have an even better 2012.

Happy New Year!


Beth said...

That look back at all the quilts that you have finished was fun! You really did finish a lot.
Hope 2012 is a happy, healthy, productive year.

---"Love" said...

What a busy quilty year you had in 2011! All of them are wonderful and suited to the gift occasions.
HAPPY QUILTY NEW YEAR to you in 2012! I'm sure you will reach your goals again! ---"Love"

Liriopia said...

Well done! Let's hope 2012 will be as productive, for both of us! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOURS, KATIE!


Marsha B said...

That is a great look back and quite an accomplishment! Happy New Year to you and all your family. Hope it is another great year!

a good yarn said...

That is quite an accomplishment Katie. You have obviously enjoyed making every one. It's terrific to see them all in one post. Happy New Year! ann :-)

KeyQuilter said...

What a busy lady you've been! Great work.

canuckquilter said...

You might not have been frantic, but you sure were busy! It's fun to see them all together like this. I hope 2012 is just as quilty and productive.