Thursday, August 4, 2011 want me to sew what? (and august book report)

Yesterday I ripped open that setting kit for my Lavender Mist quilt and was super excited to put a top together.

And I kinda glanced at the directions and saw applique pieces...what?

After further reading and some head-scratching and grumbling...

14 circles (with a template cut twice because there wasn't enough fabric to cut 14 the correct size) and 40 petals (cut twice because the first size, though squeezed out of the fabric given, were too large to fit onto the block) later, I was ready to work on cornerstones.



They're about 5" square.

12 petals down.

(See those unfinished ones?  That's the size they should end up - even those don't fit on the block without catching corners in seam allowances!)

I thought this would be a quick finish and the trimming of the applique blocks down to size would be the hardest part. 

Nice thought.

Poop on JoAnn's for this kit.  It's been nothing but trouble.  But this kit won't stop me from shopping WILL keep me from buying any more kits of theirs.

And, it's been a month since the book sale, so I'm gonna keep going with the book stack photos!

The bottom of that blue sticky note is where the top of the stack was just a month ago.  Not having a job (and being on vacation) gave me lots of time to read.  Hopefully I'll have a job soon and the stack will last longer!

Happy quilting!


LynCC said...

You're as much a book person as we are over here. :) Look your post-it shot.

---"Love" said...

Oh boy! That makes me glad I've not tried kits! It will be pretty if you can get it to work! Can you believe I actually have two books I'm reading on? I don't get much time to read, as you would imagine, but maybe next week will be better. I may just rebel, sit down, and read! ---"Love"

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Poop on JoAnn's for this kit. Too funny! I bought a kit there years ago - NEVER again! I prefer the kits from "Connecting Threads" - great instructions - nice cutting diagrams (what to cut from each fabric) - and they are very generous in the amount fabric they provide.

Liriopia said...

Yeah, I tried one kit from JoAnne's for a little carry bag. I had to figure out the colors from the picture as they were all labeled wrong on the instructions. Your book stack looks really good. How goes the job hunt?


lisa said...

and that, my friend, is why that project got cycled to the bottom of my UFO list. I have two more blocks to do then the setting stuff still.

I have been checknig out books from the library like no tomorrow. I have two to pick up (from hold lists) and two at home, one almost done, the other not yet started....I LOOOOVE the library system here.

Beth said...

I guess JoAnn doesn't use a proof reader or a pattern tester. I know you will make it work, but how frustrating. Especially after you put so much work into it already.
That book stack is going down fast. Enjoy your extra free time.
I hope the job hunt is going well. Keep looking for what you want.

Marsha said...

Bummer, I don't like to run into problems with a pattern. You'd think they would double check all the instructions before the pattern goes out for sale. Hopefully you have it figured out and it will be a pretty top soon! Your book stack is going down rapidly, enjoy yourself while you have a little "free" time. Best of luck with your job search, I'm sure you will be back to work soon!

Sandy said...

What a shame. I hope you can find a way to make it all work. I don't think that book stack will last much past American Thanksgiving.


Connie204 said...

It's really too bad about the kit. I bet they don't have any quality control. Good luck with your job search. With all your hard work I'm sure you won't have much trouble.