Wednesday, August 3, 2011

august ufo: in the beginning

Another month and another UFO to complete!

Judy chose #7 this month.

Uh oh.  Again.

All that shuffling earlier in the year when putting the whole top together was chosen before I had the blocks made has finally come full circle...I get to shuffle one last time to put the whole top together!

First I have to trim down the applique squares, but that shouldn't be too much trouble (she says while wondering if she'll live to regret that statement).  And I have the air conditioner running, so the iron shouldn't be too much trouble.

My mom is on her way to spend the day quilting (what else should you do when you're unemployed?), so if I have trouble, I'll have her expertise right there!

I'm excited to get this top together, even if I have absolutely no clue where it will end up.  It will mark another UFO completely done!  (Well, the top...)

And since we're talking about UFOs, I mentioned that while on vacation I worked on the Whig Rose appliques from months ago that are the UFO I didn't finish.  I had lots of quiet time with the hubby out fishing and it was just too hot for turning on the iron, so here's my progress:

The bottom two were done before I left.  The top right still needs little yellow centers, but since I wasn't using my iron (remember my circle tutorial?), those still need to be prepped and sewn down.  So instead I layed out the fourth block.  I'm feeling pretty good about these, but I know I still have the triangle pieces to go too, even if they are easier.

And while we're talking about applique, I suppose I could update you on the cows.  I started off with a bang, then slacked off, though they're coming along.

Not quite half done and then come the pinwheels.  I thought about working on those today, but we'll see how the quilt top construction goes...

Hopefully we get lots of quilting done today, but sometimes we end up out shopping and eating instead...  If I get a lot done, you'll know!

Happy quilting,


---"Love" said...

Sounds like you have your priorities straight for the day! *grin* I love the Lavendar Mist! Your Whig Rose work is really special, and of course, the cows are just too cute! Hope you have a fun day with your mom! ---"Love"

Sandy said...

Have a great day with your mom. I hope you know how lucky you are to have that quilting bond with her.
I just love the Lavender Mist quilt. I hope someone comes along in your life who will love it, too.


Marsha B said...

Sounds like no matter what gets done, you will have a great day with your Mom! I love the Lavendar Mist, you can always send it to me if you don't know where else it will go, LOL! The cows are just so darn cute and the Whig Rose is coming along beautifully, too. Have fun!

Connie204 said...

Your Whig Rose is just so pretty. I can't wait to see it done, when it is I will send you my address. The cows are adorable. My Son and DIL are expecting in January. So I'm waiting to find out what they are having, then I will jump on a new baby quilt. I already have the baby booties knitted. Have a good sewing day. Connie204

Ruth said...

The cows jumping over the moon are adorable! They will be so cute when finished. Your applique is exquisite! Good luck with your quilt top and have fun with your Mom. Even if you don't sew all day, going out to eat & shopping sound great! I spent the morning piecing blocks for the Gone to Texas quilt.

Liriopia said...

Whether you quilt or shop or eat, you'll have a good time with your Mom, you know? Everything looks absolutely beautiful!


Lynette said...

Woohoo!!! It'll be so awesome to have that top all together. :D

Beth said...

Have a great day whatever you end up doing. Can't wait to see the Lavendar Mist all together. All your WIP look sooo good. Those cows make me smile.