Saturday, May 21, 2011

local quilt show

I went to a local quilt show earlier today with my mom and though there were a lot of wonderful quilts, very few really caught my eye.  Maybe I'm burned out from the hundreds from the online quilt festival, maybe they just weren't my style...  But I took a few photos and thought I'd share.

This one, although not in colors I'd choose is an awesome photo quilt.  I'm going to be making one of these for a friend of the family who is graudating high school next year, so I'm always on the lookout for great ideas to set photos.  I love the non-traditional setting and that you can use so many.

Sadly, I spaced out a little with getting info on quilt-makers, but a lot of the info was sparse.  I hope it's enough to just admit I didn't make a single one of these!

Again, not exactly colors I'd choose, but I love the white sashings.  I believe the pattern was credited to APQ magazine, but I could be wrong.

This one was made by someone certifiably insane.  It measures 14" square TOTAL.  Those little tidbits?  About 1/16" each.  Stuff I'd throw away.  Heck, that's skinnier than stuff I trim!  And while I don't ever see myself making one this tiny, it is a wonderful use of color and the traditional Pineapple quilt pattern.  (A pattern I don't usually find appealing.)

And this one...I have a niece who is a HUGE MSU fan.  I bleed a little green myself (ha ha!), and she's in dire need of another quilt (her first is literally falling apart and one of these days I'm going to get around to sharing it) and something along these lines would be super awesome.  Even more awesome since her dad and step-mom just bought a new house and she's going to have her OWN bedroom...decorated in MSU stuff, of course!

And finally, not one I'd usually photograph, but I couldn't help but think of Love when I saw this one, so I snapped a photo.  All that red-white-blue patriotic goodness!  And some quotes of historically famous Americans to boot!  (I should have gotten better photos of those, but my mom was scratching her head at me and my "blog friends"...)

I shopped the vendors and would you believe all I bought was a toe ring?  (I had one that broke a few weeks ago and I felt a little naked without it - I wear them 24/7 and yes, you DO get used to them.  No, they don't hurt.)

Then it was lunch at A&W because my mom was craving a chili dog.  I could eat just their deep fried cheese curds, but had a salad to try to balance them out.  :)

And now I'm home.  I should be quilting, but I'm avoiding it.  I have three quilts backed up for the longarm, applique to catch up from last month's UFO challenge and too much new inspiration from the online festival, so what am I doing?  Reading a book.  Blogging.  Snuggling kitties.  I have fantastic skill at procrastinating!

Happy quilting!


Barb said...

The bright blue one is fabulous! Thanks for showing.

Marsha B said...

It's not procrastinating, it's sensory overload from all the goodies you saw! Chill with the book and you can quilt when you are in the mood. Sounds like a good day to me!

---"Love" said...

You know I like the patriotic one! I would choose the second and third ones next, but I certainly can see a reason for the photo and MSU ones. Sounds like a good to to me too! Thanks for sharing the local show. ---"Love"

Liriopia said...

All the quilts are wonderful. That third one in blue/green/purple. You say that's a pineapple quilt? Those blocks look like a modified snail's trail to me. I think Flit is playing with that block. It keeps popping into my mind. Oh, God, I am in so much trouble!


Beth said...

Thanks for sharing all the quilts with us.
Sometimes we all need a quilty break to do other things. Like read a good book. Or cuddle with the fur-babies. Or both.
Sounds like an excellent day.

a good yarn said...

This is such a diverse selection - all great quilts. Thanks for the pix. Ann :-)