Friday, May 20, 2011

another feline friday: meet emma

You've seen her in blog posts, and I haven't been quilting at all this week, so let's give Emma a formal introduction!

Emma likes to help.

She was born on a dairy farm.  This farm wasn't very cat-friendly and when the people I was working with told me about her and her sister Lexie, we took a road trip.

There were some little girls on the calf farm...Emma is terrified of kids...

But she sure likes it here!

You wouldn't believe it to see her 12-pound frame now, but she was a teeny, undernourished kitten when she came to live with us.

She's very curious.  We joke that she thinks her name is Emma-No!  When she first came to live with us, she had some solid reddish-brown spots in addition to her tabby spots.  They washed out...I think she was trying to help the farmers milk the cows and they squirted her with teat dip!

Emma likes almost all people food.  I've seen her eat lima beans.  She doesn't like peanut butter flavored ice cream (sorry Ben and Jerry!) and I think that's the only thing I've seen her refuse.

She's a sweetie.  I call her our glue because she loves all her adopted brothers and sisters just as much as her true sister Lexie.  She helps everyone get along and be a family.

So now why haven't I been quilting?  Studying for one.  And looking at Blogger's Quilt Festival entries, too.  Getting inspired.  (uh oh!)

This weekend is a local quilt show, so I hope to remember my camera for photos!

Happy quilting,


Marsha B said...

Emma is a cutie and her purr-sonality makes her a perfect fit in your home!

---"Love" said...

Looks like Emma found a wonderfully loving home! ---"Love"

ann hermes said...

How cute is she?! I love the photo with the macD drink.

Liriopia said...

Awww, Pretty Kitty!


Connie204 said...

Thanks for posting about Emma. She is wonderful. I so miss mine and you make me smile with your pics of her.

Beth said...

She is a beauty. Seems like she found the perfect home. Good thing she takes such good care of the other kitties and your quilts too.