Tuesday, March 30, 2010

finished dolly quilts and a suprize

I've finished bindings on the dolly quilts!

First is Double Irish Frogs:

Then Double Irish Raggedy Ann and Andy:

And finally Bento Box in Blue:

I should have shown this one with the doll, but it's so nice outside, I took these on the clothes line.  This one seems washed out no matter what I do.  The blue is kind of pale, but not THAT bad! 

And yesterday I got a fantastic package in the mail:

The hubby went out to get the mail while I was making dinner.  When he got back I asked if there was anything good.  He said no.  Well, nothing good to him, but what a stinker!  I almost abandoned my pot of boiling pasta to look through the magazine, but I managed to make it through cooking and dinner before tearing into it.  So many fantastic goodies - thank you Ann!

And the blocks for the swap all on their own:

I think maybe I said too much about purple...  They're beautiful.  I love them!

Now it's time to make dinner again...

Happy quilting,


Christine said...

I love your baby quilts! What's the block size of the irish chains? Isn't Ann so sweet!! :) Christine

Marsha B said...

The dolly quilts are sooooo very cute. I love all three! They will make some little girls really happy. What a nice suprise from Ann, she is so thoughtful. The blocks are gorgeous! The swap quilts are going to be so pretty with everyone's great blocks.

Ruth said...

The doll quilts are adorable! And your blocks are very pretty! Have you gotten all of them yet?

a good yarn said...

Thank you Katie - you are most welcome! I want to reassure you that I had made those blocks *before* you had mentioned anything about purple. Your quilts are lovely! Enjoy, Ann :-)

---"Love" said...

Well, aren't you the lucky one!! Just look at those goodies!
Your little quilts are so cute; I especially like the pink and green Irish frogs! ---"Love"

Connie204 said...

The dolly quilts are adorable. I like all of them. As for the goodies, much more fun than pasta. Connie204