Saturday, January 30, 2010

I did!

Since noone hollered "NOOOOOO!!!" about music, I decided to run with it.

I know it doesn't match, but I LOVE purple.  And I'll probably get bored with the background way before I get bored with purple.  We don't always have to coordinate...

I set it up so that you have to start it playing - noone will have my music forced upon them.  And I put it up near the top so you can deal with it early if you choose.

I'll be adding songs as I think of them, but I'm trying to stay away from some of the rowdier ones that I like.  Don't want to offend anyone - or blow their ears off!

If ya'll have exceptional difficulties with it loading, holler and I'll take it down again.



---"Love" said...

Well, it seems to function well to me. I am glad you have the start/stop button near the top of your blog. Believe it or not, I listened to at least part of every song, and while I would probably choose some different music, I did enjoy the guitar! ---"Love"

Stash Heaven said...

Way to go Katie! I finally get a second blog up and you've moved on to music. I laughed...went to the dentist last week and I remember thinking that he has younger people working there now; you can tell by the music playing in the background. Thanks for the chuckle! Mary

Christine said...

Looks like (and sounds like) its running well! :) Christine