Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tommy's St. Patty's day quilt and to music or not?

Okay, it's not even February, so I probably could have waited to post this until closer to St. Patrick's Day, but I'll probably forget I have the picture again...

I was asked to make this quilt by my sister-in-law (hubby's sister) for her husband.  He is VERY Irish.  So we went to Wal-Mart for appropriate fabric.  She was trying to figure out how which white-background print to use and it was so busy...I suggested black and she looked at me like I'd lost my mind!  She's not a quilter...she can't even sew on a button (but I think that's for lack of trying, not lack of skill), but once I convinced her and put it together, she knew I was right.

It's the same pattern as Jenny's quilt: double Irish chain.  How appropriate, right?!  From the same book: Time for a Chain.  It went together fast and my mom quilted it for me.  She gave it to him for St. Patty's day a few years back and he loved it!

I'm still thinking on what quilt was my "first"...I worked on so many with my mom (me cutting and laying out, her sewing) and then moved up to others where she quilted them for me, and finally I've gotten brave enough in the past few years to do everything myself.  So which is my "first"?

 Finally, a request for opinions...  I'm addicted to music and I would love to share that, but I dislike blogs where it takes forever to load because there's a music player in them.  I'm toying with adding one to my blog, but wanted to see what you all think...should I do it?  Or will you all just stop it from playing and grumble that it takes a bit longer to load the page?  (I can handle your thoughts - I've got my "big girl panties" on today!)



Christine said...

You crack me up Katie! I say go for it! If you find that it really slows things down and you dislike it, you can always remove it.

The quilt is awesome. I love black in a quilt (and home decorating) and it was a perfect background :) Christine

---"Love" said...

Love the quilt! Someday I'm going to have to make an Irish Chain.
I'm also addicted to music! I really love quilting, but I love music more! So much so that when it is playing, I forget about whatever I'm doing, and find my brain concentrating on the harmony and the rhythm, so much that I find myself sitting down and staring off into space, totally mesmorized by the music. My eyes scan over what I'm trying to read, but I don't see a word! Consequently, I have to turn the music off until I finish reading. I have a very old one track mind! But that's just me!
Like Christine, I'd say go for it if that's what you want. I'm sure I'll enjoy it. ---"Love"

canuckquilter said...

I like the shamrocks criscrossing in the centers of the chains. Black was a good choice, glad you talked your sister-in-law into it.

Please, introduce me to some new music (I definitely get stuck in a rut musically). I follow a couple of blogs that have some, and it doesn't seem to slow things down too much. Usually I can start reading and the music kicks in a little later.

Marsha B said...

I love your Irish quilt. The black really sets off the greens and it looks great. I love black in quilts, it just accents things well.

I say go for the music, too. When I am on a site that has music, sometimes I listen and other times I turn the sound off. Just depends on my mood. It's your blog and you should enjoy what's on it!


Anonymous said...

The Irish Quilt turned out really well. Hmmm... perhaps a chain quilt should be in my future... well, it probably will at some point, but I have a pile of UFO's, WIPs, and Ideas I need to get finished.

As for the music, that's up to you. But I can tell you, that I will usually push my mute. I tend to like a little quiet when I'm reading.


Liriopia said...

Love the quilt! Far as the music goes, I turn off my speakers 'cause I can't stand all the bells and whistles these computers make, so I wouldn't know if it was there or not.


Beth said...

I really like your Irish chain, I never think of using black for the background but I always like the look. (Maybe I better remember to think about it).
I'm a litte late on the music question since I am listening to it now. I like it and it can be mutedif someone doesn't want to listen. Beth

a good yarn said...

Katie you are a hoot! *Big Girl Panties* eh. Play your music, it certainly doesn't bother me. Your quilt is stunning and the black background is a winner. Happy Stitching, Ann :-)