Monday, December 26, 2016

big plans

I know I've been absent again.  I keep thinking "I should blog about that" and then continue to sit on the couch under a pile of cats.  (In their defense, they're really warm and snuggly and purry in this crappy winter weather!)

I've been periodically reading blogs and cheering you all on to quilt-quilt-quilt, but haven't been saying much.  Reading them on my "smart" phone is easy...replying, not so much. 

One I used to read a lot was Patchwork Times.  Judy made a ton of really incredible, inspiring quilts, but then she moved on to other hobbies (knitting, chickens, etc) and I didn't read much.  Well, about a week ago, she announced the quilting bug had bit her again and she's doing her UFO challenge again - with quilts!  I don't really have that many UFOs (there are a few I'm ignoring because I have no desire to work on them, so we're not going to talk about those, okay?), but I do have a lot of quilt tops.  So this year I'm joining with a list of tops to be quilted.  Quilting is where the procrastination happens most with me (there's so many ways to quilt it and I feel bad if I don't custom-fancy quilt every one and then I start second-guessing my choices no matter what I choose), so this challenge will (sorta) force me to just dig in.  Think less.

So I went into the Closet of Shame where the tops hang in waiting - with a notebook - and made a list.  There are 30.  Then I took photos.  Crappy photos.  But if Judy can post her quilts folded up, so can I!  (If I can find better photos, I'll use those, but I'll be searching the blog, so who knows what I'll find!)

#0 (to be done this week!) Elephant Parade

This is not the completed top, just the elephant layout.  The top is done and today I bought backing:

They're circus elephants, so why not?  The quilt is brighter than in the photo anyways.

#1  Farm Girl Vintage

I have today off, so I bought the back (hello clearance!) for this one today, too:

#2 Weathervane/Blowin' in the Wind

I have a Detroit Tigers fabric ready for the back of this one.

#3 Christmas Pickle

For this I have both the back and binding ready.

#4 "Twist of Lime"

#5 APQ Blogging Buddies Signature Block Swap

This one is truly pathetic that it's still just a top.  It does have borders now and I have binding ready.

#6 Origins Charm Square Quilt

Binding is ready!

#7 Science Geek Hexies

#8 Garden Variety

Binding is ready!

#9 Retro Triangles

Binding is ready!

#10 French Kiss

This one has wavy borders that will have to come off and be re-done, but it's the only one on the list that needs any construction/deconstruction.  It also has binding waiting.

#11 Mandarin Express

(this is the first one I haven't found a photo on my blog idea what's up with that!)

#12 Whirlygiggle

There are so many other things I could share, but I'm trying to keep this post on topic so when I link up over at Patchwork Times, the newbies don't have to wade through my nonsense.  (If they like what they see...and I keep blogging...they'll get that when they come back later!)

But seeing my list and my quilts (particularly posted here, not folded up on hangars in a closet) has me a little more motivated.  That longarm STILL scares me, but I'm never going to get over that if I don't use it.  (And please don't let my hubby into the Closet of Shame or I may not be allowed to buy any more fabric or go to quilts shows or generally leave the house until a lot of quilts are finished!)

If I finish all of these, my list will be nearly half done.

In my search, I found a few that I no longer care for, so there may be a charity donation or two in my future...

And now I need to stop procrastinating and go piece the back for the elephant quilt.  (It was slated to be quilted today, too, but alas, the batting was still rolled up snug in a bag, so maybe tomorrow?  How many days can a quilt be on the longarm, waiting for me to return home from work, before the cats find The World's Most Expensive Hammock again?)

Happy quilting,

PS Emma has made a lap while I'm at my desktop computer.  I guess at least I'm blogging while sitting under a cat, right?  She's always yesterday when I was trying to sew my elephants together and she paced circles around my sewing machine.  P.E.S.T.


Marsha B said...

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and yea for an extra day off! You will hear no complaints about not blogging from me, I think of a bunch of things I should blog about but will have to take pictures to post and the camera isn't handy, so I sit and sew. I read blogs everyday, but haven't been good about adding to mine! I follow Judy at Patchwork Times, too. I don't think I will be in her challenge because I don't have a lot of UFO's to work on but I may challenge myself to work on the couple I have. Any progress is good. You have some great quilts on your list. The backing for the elephant quilt is so fun! I received the Farm Girl Vintage book for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to making something from there this year. Christmas Pickle is beautiful and our swap quilt is begging to be finished. Working on them as the challenge is a great idea, one at a time, they will be finished. You are right, the only way to overcome the fear of the longarm is just to use it. I know how you feel. I don't have a longarm but my domestic machine is perfect to machine quilt with, but I need lots of practice before using it on a nice quilt. I need to just get busy but piecing new tops keeps calling. I'll be watching your progress and cheering you on from the sidelines! Go Katie!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Welcome back, Katie - and Merry Christmas!! Your 30 make me feel much better about my bunch of UFOs/Projects/Squirrels. I've been trying to get some of them quilted before the end of the year and just keep plugging away - one at a time - using them as "practice pieces". Like they say - they don't have to be perfect - they just have to be quilted - and I can do that. Hope you have a very Happy New Year playing with your longarm. I had forgotten about your "Christmas Pickles" - I think that's my favorite - ;))

Sandy said...

Well Katie, I have always liked Whirlygiggle and, unbelievably, I don't remember Garden Variety at all. I love it though. Can't wait to see it quilted. I am probably an anomaly in that I usually work on one project at a time, much the way I did when I was garment sewing. An Easter dress for my daughter, for example, had to be completed before Easter, not the following Thanksgiving or Christmas. I follow Judy at Patchwork Times, too. I'm not convinced that she is going back to quilting on a regular basis, but only time will tell. Her blog is always a good read.

You can add my name to your cheerleading squad. Go Katie!

Vireya said...

You have some beautiful UFOs there! Here's hoping we all make good progress during 2017 with Judy's help.

Alf and Lily Creations said...

Its so hard to blog, I have tried to make an effort recently. I find Instagram easier but then it can be impersonal. I read Judy too, I liked her chicken posts but they are rare now the getting ready for the end of the world posts were a bit trying ;) On my list is to actually do some quilting this year, I don't think I sewed at all 2016. I am crocheting though, 6 blankets this year! the elephant quilt is awesome,cant wait to see it finished. Karen x

Ruth said...

Very interesting post and lots of amazing quilt tops! The elephant quilt will be wonderful and I LOVE the pickle dish quilt. All I can say about #5 is tsk tsk tsk! But at least its on the list. My main goals are a secret quilt and then my DJ quilt. I have a couple qui.ts in the piecing stage. Good luck with your goals and Happy New Year.

a good yarn said...

Oh Katie, you must not be so hard on yourself. Your quilt making is a hobby, a pastime, not work. Besides, kitty snuggling is very important for both you and the kitties. I feel you are something of a kindred spirit - although you are way ahead of me on the quilts. I only have two waiting to be quilted but I dither about the backing fabric, what design to quilt and end up leaving them. At least you have backing fabrics and bindings ready to go! I love the fabric you've chosen for the elephant quilt. I need you to come shopping with me to help me choose. I'll treat us to coffee and cake. You have made some lovely quilt tops displayed here. I enjoyed seeing the play of colour and pattern.

Mama Bear Stitches said...

The problem with reading everyone's plans is that I keep finding even more quilts I would like to make. I absolutely love YOUR Christmas Pickle quilt! It's even nicer than the one on the pattern. Good luck with your plans.

Jennifer said...

looks like a great list! I especially LOVE the elephant one... if you need a home for that top, I may be able to help... looks like you'll be busy - and I love your quilts and style- i'll definitely be back to visit!