Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Prudence approves!

...need I say more?

(my friend was truly surprised and loved it!)

My next project should be working on the top secret quilt.  It's nearly done and that's a good thing - it needs to be done soon.  (I should be working on it right now, but the hubby is at a t-ball game and I have a quiet house to myself, so I'm not...)

What has me sidetracked are heart blocks.  A young gal and her mom joined our guild last week.  At only their second meeting, the daughter brought to us a project.  Heart blocks (and maybe even quilts) for the victims of the Orlando night club shooting.  It seems the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild is coordinating this effort, but putting the word out to anyone interested in helping.  We told our gal to be careful what you ask for (remember the Girl Scout project and how that got away from us?), but I'm in. the stash...

...sewing the rainbow...

The blocks are done (no photo - oops! - maybe next post) and I even have plans for the "lost" corners I chopped off.  They've been pressed and squared up and will be sewn soon.  I'm hoping that, in addition to the 14 blocks I've made for this project, I can get at least one (maybe two!) doll quilts out of the leftovers.  (The doll quilts will be donated to the local fire department to hand out at Christmas with dolls.)  My goal is to have these done by next Thursday!  Go, Katie, go!

The blocks are simple and quick and probably a good motivator for me considering my lack of sewing lately.  (I'm trying - I really am...I want to longarm a quilt for my bed this weekend, but have to get over being scared of it...again...)

And last, I didn't share the fabrics I bought for my guild's paint chip challenge, but these were purchased on my road trip to the family reunion at an awesome shop in Hannibal, Missouri.  I think I can share these...I've chosen a pattern, but that is top secret.  It's due in October, so I'll be sharing after then.  Assuming I choose all the right naughty words to say to the project when it doesn't go the way I want it to...  :)

Time to go work on super secret project #1 - the one with the shorter deadline!

Happy quilting,

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