Sunday, June 26, 2016

Jade's quilt (super secret project #1 revealed)

A little over a month ago, my oldest niece from my side of the family graduated high school.

My mom, being a quilter, I assumed would be making her a quilt to commemorate the occasion.


So the week before her Thursday graduation (or was graduation Saturday and her last day of school Thursday?), I decided she should probably get a quilt.  You know, just a few days out, no biggie.

I offered to my mom to do it together, but she had other plans.

Off to the store!  (Oh the horror!)

Last I knew, Jade liked Dr. Who, so this seems like a fun way to go.

I decided on a disappearing 9-patch simply for the quickness of it.

Yeah, right, quick.  *eyeroll*

I worked my tail off that first week and though I knew I probably wasn't going to attend graduation itself, I wanted something to present to her soon after.

Then I found out they were, after all, going to have an open house.

That was yesterday.
(The open house.  Not the finding out about it.)

So I slacked off a bit.  Finished Sarah's quilt and sent it along.  Procrastinated a bit...

And finished sewing the binding on and labelled it at 9:30 yesterday morning.

Plenty of time for a 1pm celebration an hour from home!

This is an awful photo, but when you've pushed your timeline to the max and your clothesline only faces the one direction and it's sunny out...

You can see there's a pink stripe on the back, but you get the idea.  It's a disappearing 9-patch!

Here's the back (and you can see the quilting)

(facing the other direction on the clothesline so the sun wasn't shining through, of course...)

(This is the last quilt I quilted with the stitch regulator on.  Free-motion, though.)

She studied French all four years of high school and what's more French than the Eiffel tower?

The only thing I really missed was her love of music, but, well...

I think she was surprised, though she probably shouldn't have been.  (Perhaps the surprise was that this came from me and not her grandma?)  I think she liked it, too.

She plans to use it on her bed (it's about 80x80" because I have no control, er, math skills...well...both) and I did make a matching pillowcase.  (Because, really, what else am I going to do with almost a yard of Dr. Who fabric?)

I also remembered to take some photos of the heart blocks.  Those will be donated this coming Thursday, so I had a bit of time, but while the sun is shining (rain is on the way today), and I should be getting ready for a party, that seems like a logical time to take photos, right?

Time to get sewing.  (or perhaps grocery shopping before the hordes of people get there and I have to carry stuff inside in the rain...)

Happy quilting,


Sandy said...

Wow Katie! What a great quilt for your niece. I just love a disappearing nine patch block, and have made several baby quilts using that block.
I really like the idea of using a paint chip strip to choose colours for a quilt. Next time I am stuck for inspiration I think I might head to the nearest home improvement store. The heart blocks are part of such a meaningful tribute. Quilters are the best.

Beth said...

That is one great quilt, last minute or not. The quilting is beautiful. And hey, you weren't sewing on binding on the way there. :)

---"Love" said...

Your niece is going to love her quilt! The quilting is beautiful! Your heart blocks will make a beautiful quilt too. ---"Love"