Saturday, January 30, 2016

too many projects?

I think maybe my problem is that I have too many projects and can't decide which to work on, so I don't work on any of them?  (That's not a good excuse...)

Last weekend I sewed with some friends and worked on getting the pom-poms on the elephants.  I don't have any progress photos, but I did get quite a few done between trips to the kitchen for snacks and admiring what others were working on.

But that's about all I got accomplished, quilt-wise.  It probably doesn't help that my sewing room's horizontal surfaces look like a quilt factory exploded half-finished projects in there...

I did make a pan of amazing brownies last weekend...Buckeye Brownies, to be exact.  No, not the Ohio State kind, the peanut butter balls covered in chocolate that you usually only get at Christmas kind.

This is the last one - I should have taken a photo sooner, but, well, you know...  After eating about 4 of them in one day, I had to take the rest of the pan to work because I can't eat a whole pan of brownies myself!  They were a hit!  (Thank you Pinterest!)

One warning if you make these: Put milk on the shopping list, as these scream for a glass of milk!  (way more than any other brownie I've ever eaten)

But today I'm up early (thanks Emma-No) and drafted a few color options for the quilt I'm making for my niece's boyfriend.  I'm going to present the ideas to her soon, but I'm going to share with you, my quilting friends, and get opinions from you too, since you understand the process better than she does.  Keep in mind this quilt is going to an 18-year-old autistic boy.

Option 1.
This is my preference, but we'll see what my niece says.  The cross-hatched sections will be the superhero fabric.

And then there's Option 2:

Very simple, this #2, but my niece says his favorite color is black.  (So is my hubby's.  What is wrong with these boys?  There are literally hundreds of OTHER colors!  Black is great and all, but really...a favorite?)

And Love suggested that I use the grays purchased and discarded for the Bonnie Hunter mystery project in this quilt.  What a great idea!  I think at least the black will be used for the black in the layout.  Perfect!

By the way, the quilt pattern is called "BQ2" and is by Maple Island Quilts.

Now maybe with this sitting in front of me, drawn out and ready to be started, I'll be motivated to do something?  (Of course, having to clean up the sewing room first is not helping my motivation...)

Happy quilting,


Ruth said...

The brownie looks yummy! I love milk best with any type of dessert - or sandwich for that matter. The quilt pattern will work great with the superhero fabric. I agree with Love and the red and gold would work well too.

a good yarn said...

Perhaps with some autism, bright colours are over stimulating. Black is calm. I think it's a terrific design and the superhero fabric is a great choice. Too many projects huh? How many is too many. Some folks need lots of projects on the go to maintain their interest. I'm the kind who like to only work on one till it's finished. With the exception of not be able to find the *right* backing fabric. Why, oh why, can't I just pick one and stay with it. Sigh. Those brownies should come wrapped in a warning!

---"Love" said...

Wish I could have had some of those brownies before I got so involved with doctors this week! Like Ruth, I do think the first set of grays with the red and gold will be perfect with the superhero fabric. Now, get after it, Girl! ---"Love"

Marsha B said...

Can you really have too many projects? Just focus on one at a time and progress will be made. Some days I feel like cutting, some I want to sew and some I want to do hand stitching. Having projects waiting for whatever feels good that day is nice. Those brownies sound sooooooo good. I don't need the calories but I love chocolate (and peanut butter) so I will have to give them a try. The options for the quilt are interesting. I like option 1 but the young man you are making the quilt for is the one to listen to. It looks like a fun pattern and the fabrics will make it wonderful. Time to get busy, pick a project and enjoy some sewing time!