Wednesday, May 27, 2015

another block!

I'm trying to catch up on the Arcadia Avenue quilt-along, so last week I worked very hard on block #2.

I cut out all the pieces - only 13 per block this time - and placed them where they'd go in the block:

(I'm still loving how this book tells me what to cut!)

Then I started sewing... doesn't look like much yet.

But a few more pieces...

...and it's starting to look like something!

Then I got to the pointy-point corners and had rectangles to cover triangles.  Hmmm...


This first one came out right.

But wait...what if I flip that back over to the sewing position...

...and layer the next section on top... figure out placement of the rectangle section?

Totally worked!  So I only had to do a little fussing with 2 of 12 sections.  The other 10 were just making sure the papers lined up with each other!  Some days my inner genius comes out.  (Others, well...)

So finally I had all the sections made and could start joining.  Those coral strips are skinny (like 1/4"), so it was a little scary to get things to match and keep them there...

...lots of little clips again!

And there she is!  The points aren't all as good on this one, but I'm happy with them and know that when the papers come out, points might look a little better.  Maybe?

There is still the other project to talk about, but I'm going to put that off yet again in favor of another, newer, project.

My guild was contacted by a young lady in North Carolina who is working on her Girl Scout Gold Award project.  Her project is to make 16 twin-size quilts to give to the foster care system in her area to be given to kids who age out of the foster care system.  There's a lot more to it, but if you're interested in helping, you can read a lot more on the facebook page she's created for the project.

These have been sewn now, but they are the first two blocks for my donation for the project.  I've made another set of three that are in varying states of finish, as I will be teaching a mini-class to my guild next week and needed class samples.  So - we'll be participating!  I think this is such a great project and know this gal has gone through a LOT to get to the point of actually doing a project and I'm so excited to participate.

Off to (maybe) cut out parts for Arcadia Avenue block #3!

Happy quilting,


canuckquilter said...

I hadn't seen that quilt-along before. Cool blocks! I see you'retackling the dreaded paper piecing :) The block looks great. Thanks for sharing the link to the GS Gold Award project. The Gold Award is the GS equivalent to the Boy Scout Eagle award, but not nearly as well recognized. This project is a great one. I'll have to send a few blocks and spread the word.

---"Love" said...

Okay, you totally lost me on that paper piecing, but that is one gorgeous block! Blessings on you as you participate in that Girl Scout's project! ---"Love"

a good yarn said...

Your block is amazing! I wouldn't consider attempting anything that complex. Nice blocks for the Foster Quilt project too.

Lorna McMahon said...

How exciting to see that block take shape, step by step! I am not a paper piecer, so I really admire seeing those of you who are good at it make it work like magic. Nicely done!

Marsha B said...

Your block is so gorgeous, I love the color combination. Can't wait to see your quilt take shape. I had read about the young lady working on her project, I hope she does well and reaches her goal.

barbara woods said...

looks like a very hard block