Saturday, January 31, 2015

the tops

I braved the cold this afternoon and tried to get photos of the tops I finished weekend before last.  The local weather station says it's 9mph winds.  That doesn't seem like much, but when you hang a quilt in that...

But we're due for a lot of snow (on the edge of the 5-8" and 8-12" bands, but I'll believe it when I see it!) and today is rather sunny, so it seemed time to brave the cold.

I only had to wait a minute or so to get the first shot of the baby quilt:

I love how this turned out.  I almost feel like it needs a border, but if I add one, the single-width backing will have to be added onto and I'd rather not.  A 42" square baby quilt seems adequate.

And then I quickly moved onto the big sister quilt, having hung them both while the wind was blowing, hoping for enough stillness to get them both done.

My camera has a rechargeable battery, but it doesn't last long (probably need a new one), so after standing in the wind, patiently waiting, hands getting colder and colder, it was finally time to give up on a still shot and go with an "action shot":

I got most of them in there!  And I promise a shot of the finished quilt laying flat.

I should have quilted them last weekend, but didn't.  I should probably be working on them today, but I'm not.  Like I said in my last post, plenty of time yet for procrastinating.

I did start on my AQS guild challenge quilt Sunday...sneak peak...

...that's a lot of pins!

I can't share much of this quilt, as AQS rules state that it can't have been displayed (or whatever their lingo is) anywhere prior to their show, assuming it gets accepted, so until we either get rejected (July, I think) or it's in the show (October), you'll only be seeing sneak peeks.  I'd love to share, but don't want to get disqualified!

We didn't have guild meeting last week due to weather concerns.  While I drove home from work on roads that seemed good, other members in more remote areas that couldn't get out of their own driveways, so the remaining road conditions weren't even a consideration.  And with wet roads (we'd had freezing rain and snow earlier in the day) and dropping temps, it just seemed the best idea to cancel.  I was really disappointed to not exchange row boxes (and have a new project to work on this weekend), but I know the safety of our members is more important than me having a new project, so I can wait.

Tomorrow is Superbowl Sunday, a day my husband is claiming to be his favorite day of the year, and I will probably be banned from the room where he's watching the game, so maybe I'll have something more to share soon?!

Happy quilting,


a good yarn said...

That baby quilt is a stunner! Love the blocks and the colours. Agree that no border is the way to go. Why complicate things. Perhaps your binding can perform that role? Sneak peeks of your challenge quilt will sustain us for now. Nothing like a little mystery to keep us interested, eh?

---"Love" said...

Both your tops turned out really cute. I looked a long time at the first one and think I finally figured it out --- maybe!
We're on a weather roller coaster here again too. I'm ready for Spring! ---

Ruth said...

They are wonderful! That first pattern is a good one - as in easy! I'll have to keep it in mind. Stay warm.

Marsha said...

The baby quilt is wonderful, love those colors and the design is so pretty! I still love those pink hedgehogs, they are adorable. Stay warm and safe and hope you get to sew today.

Beth said...

I love the tops. The baby quilt is so cute. And you know those hedgehogs are just too cute.
I am not sure if the same storm is hitting you, but I think we are over 12" since last night. Good day to sew, but I am not even doing that.

canuckquilter said...

I still love those hedgehogs! Seeing them all lined up together is even better. The baby quilt is great too. It's surprising how such simple blocks fit together to create so much motion.

Kathleen Young said...

That pinwheel quilt came out beautiful and the hedgehogs are very, very cute) Be safe in that weather. It almost feels like spring here. Not a bit of snow this year... and I am thankful for that.
Happy Quilting!!