Sunday, September 29, 2013

Natalie's quilt

Quilting hasn't been happening much around here lately.  I've been trying to get into my sewing room for a little each night, but it's not making much of a dent in what's up there.  So no photos to show off my lack of work, okay?

But I did promise to share the final quilt for the hubby's friend and wife, who are due about any day now.

Natalie's Quilt:

It was finished last weekend and went to its new home earlier this week.  And we've already gotten a thank you card!  (How's that for quick turn around?!)

It measures about 40" x 40" and is from the skinny book "Polka Dots & Posies" by Terri Staats.

In other news, this is how my day is going to be spent today:

I canned 84 quarts in 2005 (and only know that because I wrote on the lids) and am down to two.  Time for more canning!  I planted some tomatoes this year, but they didn't do very well, so I ended up purchasing two bushels yesterday.  The hubby will help me, but you see all that white?  Yeah, my kitchen will be a little more orange when I'm done.  (And seriously, who does a kitchen in WHITE?  Wait, I know: people who don't cook...which is strange since this is an old farm house...)

Happy quilting (and canning!)


Granny Anne said...

Good luck on the canning

---"Love" said...

Your quilt is beautiful, and so are the tomatoes! Both will be appreciated in the days and months to come! ---"Love"

Beth said...

all that tomato goodness is worth a bit of kitchen mess. (says the person who rarely cooks these days).
The quilt is lovely. I really lovethe colors and the quilting looks so good. I bet they love it.

canuckquilter said...

I still love those blocks and those colours together.

Our tomato crop was also very disappointing this summer. I need to go raid the farmer's market.
My kitchen cabinets are white - I painted them that way to try to make a tiny kitchen seem larger and airier, but they are a pain to keep clean!

Merritt said...

The quilt is great! Love the pattern and colors.
Hop your canning went well!

a good yarn said...

That purple and bright green were the perfect combination! It's a lovely quilt and how nice to receive a thank you card so promptly. If I weren't stuck over here I'd pop 'round and give you a hand. You aren't Italian in heritage by any chance?

Marsha B said...

I love the combination of the lime, purple and white. It is a happy quilt! As a kid I use to love helping my Mom can tomatoes. In fact, when I first moved away from home I had to learn to cook all over again. Everything always started with a quart of tomatoes, trying to figure out how many cans to buy from the grocery store was a bit of a challenge! Have fun!