Monday, August 19, 2013

under challenge quilts

I meant to post these yesterday when I got home, but it was a LOOOOONNNNNGGGG day and though I'm still tired, I so want to share these quilts!

We didn't win any ribbons, but there were 19 guilds in the competition and all of them were amazing.  And we are all truly thrilled to have gotten chosen to be displayed, ribbon or not.

"Under the Microscope"
Katie May

"Under the Tuscan Sun"
April Brooks

"It's Just Water Under the Bridge"
Kathy Singer

"Uluru Down Under"
Carol Stanton

"Jennifer's World Down Under"
Ruth Hodge

"Under the Membership of Across the Square Quilters"
Christine Helms

"Under Cover"
Carol Randall

"Under the Influence Of..."
Linda Shafe

I believe these are in the order they were hung (renaming them mixed up their order...).  So yes, mine was first!  There are so many fun stories behind the construction of each project.  I've heard trials and triumphs.  We've encouraged each other and worked together and it was an amazing experience.  Though I said I'd never do it again after the stress of getting mine done on time, after seeing them all together, I may change my mind.

The funniest comment overheard (by my mom) regarding these quilts was in reference to mine.  "How does SHE know what those germs look like?"  My mom piped up and told her "because she's a microbiologist."  I kinda feel bad for the woman, but it just makes you realize you have to be careful what you say at a quilt show - you never know who is listening!

There were so many other amazing quilts hanging.  It was overwhelming and inspiring and makes me want to try new techniques and color combinations and start 100 new projects!  I didn't take any other photos because I know what happens to photos...they end up in a file on my computer to be forgotten...

I bought a kit for a grey and purple quilt.  I bought a few books at the booth that had them for $5.  I bought a couple of redwork patterns (that will likely not be done in red) and a few other little things.  I'll try to remember to get photos of stuff and share soon - I'm rather behind on that sharing photos thing and I do have some fun stuff.

The hubby has the night off after working through the weekend and though he does seem a bit absorbed by pre-season football, I think he might like to spend a little time with me, so off I go.  It's going to be a crazy week at work, but this weekend is looking pretty open, so hopefully I'll get time to relax, quilt and take some photos to share!

Happy quilting!

PS  I know some of the quilts are hanging funny.  We sewed on the proper sleeves and then they hung them on skinny metal bars.  All that extra work for nothing...


Aunt LeAnn said...

Those quilts were great. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Awesome photos. I LOVE your quilt! Thanks for sharing.

Liriopia said...

Amazing how quilters can interpret a theme! Love all the quilts and yours really turned out cute!


Marsha B said...

All the quilts look so good together! Yours is my favorite because we got to see it being created. I'm glad you were chosen to display them in the show.

---"Love" said...

What creativity and originality --- in all of the quilts! I love the "Under Cover". ---"Love"

Ruth said...

So creative! I don't think I would be able to come up with something - unless it was 3:00 AM in the morning & I couldn't get back to sleep.

Beth said...

The quilts are just so wonderful. Of course I saw yours and knew how creative it was. They are all so unique! How exciting to have them in the show.

Show do kind of get ya all excited and wanting to do a dozen or more new things.
Have a good week and happy stitching.

a good yarn said...

Amazing quilts! They look fantastic! You are all so clever and artistic. I would love to have seen them *in the flesh*.