Sunday, January 13, 2013

not much to share...

I haven't spent much time sewing this week.  My plan to sew at least a little every night isn't going as well as I'd hoped...

But I do have two charity blocks to share!

Alpine Trail


Amish Diamond

Also this week I had the first of what seems like it will be many "officers" meetings, as I am the new secretary of my quilt group.  Our new president has a lot of ideas, a lot of questions and a lot of ambition.  I think this year our group is going to be amazing and I'm excited to be a part of it even if I am just a lowly secretary.

(A secretary who gets so easily distracted by everything I'll be amazed if my first reading-of-minutes at the next business meeting isn't filled with friendly corrections...)

Yesterday I sat down with an applique project that was on last year's UFO list and didn't get much attention.  I'd like to make more progress on that this year, but we'll see.  It's an ambitious goal (I'll show some when the current block is done - no photos just now) and it's been in the works for years, so I'm not sure how it will go.

I had plans to quilt the secret quilt today, but there were too many other necessary chores and now it's too late to start.  (And if I leave it on the longarm, it becomes the world's most expensive cat hammock and my tension gets all messed up...maybe next weekend?)

I hope you're all staying warm (at least those of you who are experiencing winter now)!  Yesterday we had a high of about 65 and it felt a bit like spring...VERY atypical.  Then the temps started dropping and it started raining.  Just about an hour ago it changed to sleet and now it's a mix of snow and rain.  I'm not looking forward to driving to work tomorrow, but at least tonight I have warm quilts (and cats) to curl up under and stay nice and toasty warm!

Happy quilting,


Liriopia said...

Katie, I think you might be getting caught up in all those things you "have" to do. I used to do that, too. I found out that you should do what you "want" to do first, even if it is only for 15minutes. It makes the "have" to do's just a bit easier to get out of the way. Give it a try. Most of those "have to's" will be there again tomorrow!


canuckquilter said...

Quilt-Pro block of the Day seems to be keeping you well supplied with block patterns for your challenge. Your quilt group sounds great. I'd love to get involved with something like that but all my asking around has come up empty. Have a safe drive to work tomorrow...

Marsha B said...

Liri is right, whatever does not get done will still be waiting tomorrow. Spend a little time on yourself everyday, even if it is 15 minutes. I love the pink and green block, it is so pretty. The other one is gorgeous, too. Those blues and greens are great together. Have fun being secretary, that does sound like it will keep you busy. Can't wait to see the secret quilt, have fun!

a good yarn said...

Terrific charity blocks! I'm making steady progress. I had to laugh at the *cat hammock*. Weather...phooey...we've had high heat and high humidity. No trouble with bushfires thank goodness.

---"Love" said...

You'll make a great "quilting" secretary! Have no fear! Jut don't let the group activities rob you of your personal quilting time! Those are both pretty blocks; of course, I'm partial to the pink/green one. Don't remember seeing one exactly like it. Stay warm, and have fun quilting! ---"Love"

Beth said...

Sounds like your quilt group will be lots of fun.
Your charity blocks look great.
That same weather happened here over the weekend, except the freezing rain was Saturday night. Yesterday morning my car was covered in a thick sheet of ice. Yuck.
Hope your trip to work wasn't too bad. Hope you find more stitch time this week.