Sunday, January 6, 2013

more charity blocks!

Before I had to return to work on Thursday, I finished the secret project quilt top.  I actually finished it Tuesday and woke up Wednesday planning to quilt it.  Until I realized I didn't have any blue longarm thread.  Phooey.

Still can't show pictures, though.  Sorry!

But I have been keeping true to my goal and making one block every day I don't go to work.  With a bonus block for Saturday - I ended up having to go in and rerun a test that we've been having trouble with.  (The big-boss-man had been talking to the customer and telling them "when we rerun tomorrow" and then about 5pm realized tomorrow was Saturday.  I opened my mouth and in went my foot...)

So here they are:
Jacob's Ladder
12" finished

Air Castle Star
12" finished

Air Space
12" finished

Album Road
12" finished

More to come!

And in my last post I mentioned my stash and that I'd try to remember to get a photo.  So here its.  In all it's messy glory.

The top shelf is odds and ends.  Not much stuff.  The lowest shelf is just a hunk for a quilt back, so not much there either.

Those middle shelves are where all the excitement is.  The lower of the two contains most of my plainer fabrics.  Sorted by color and smooshed into that box.  (With a side of flannel.)  The upper of the two contains funky prints and, though you can't really see them, blacks and whites.

That box is the "sweater" size of the plastic storage tubs - for your reference.

To some this may seem like a lot, to others not much.  Regardless, it's too much for the space I've allocated, so I'm working to decrease it.  I used up more fabric in these latest blocks, so it's working!  Slowly, but that's okay.

Happy quilting!


---"Love" said...

Those blocks are beautful! Love the colors. Looks like a very interesting stash to me! So dig in, girl! There's lots of pretties there. Wish I had as much self-discipline as you do! ---"Love"

Beth said...

Katie, great blocks. You will be finishing lots of quilts fast and making more room in your stash closet.
I like your blocks. I have so many scraps I need to get a plan going.
Happy stitching

a good yarn said...

Your blocks are fabulous! You really are powering along. I love your stash cupboard - looks like mine and full of good things.

Liriopia said...

I like the blocks very much. Your stash is manageable. I would be ashamed to let you see mine, LOL!


canuckquilter said...

More pretty blocks! You're well on your way to a quilt there. I know exactly what you mean about the size of the stash being constrained by the space available. Not a whole lot of free storage around my house so the stash needs to be depleted before I can add anything else! You'll be making a decent dent in yours at the rate you're going. I'm rooting for you!

Just Another Quilter said...

Love the blocks and how well they coordinate. Great job. Though I love the making of these kind of blocks my frustration level always increases when it is time to sew them together. My 1/4 inch just isn't that good.

Marsha B said...

Your quilt blocks are beautiful, these quilts will be gorgeous and hard to give away! Your stash is great, mine almost fills an old dresser but it is hard to dig through when I am looking for fabric. Yours looks easy to go through and find what you are looking for!