Saturday, May 19, 2012

two quilt shows in one day!

It's been a bit since I last posted, but I didn't have much to share.  Cross-stitch doesn't look like much quickly when it's as involved as this month's UFO is...but I have been working on it.

But today I'm going to share a bit about the TWO quilt shows I went to today!  They're about an hour apart, so I joined 4 new friends from my quilt group and we headed out at 8am this morning.  We arrived just as the first show as opening.  I didn't take too many photos (because I've realized they usually just sit in my computer and take up "space") but I have a few favorites from each show.  Quilts that inspire me or I might make someday.

(Info on quilts, as listed at the shows, are below each.)

This one really caught my eye.  It's not exactly bright, but definitely not dull colors!

I bought the "Podcats" block from this one a while ago and this is such a cute way to feature it and the others.  I just might have to purchase the rest of the patterns!

This one caught both my eye and the eye of one of my friends.  The colors were much brighter in person, but the lighting wasn't great in the gym where the quilts were displayed.  I see this one in both of our futures - once we figure out exactly where to get the pattern!

Then lunch and on to the second show.

This one made me smile.  Remember my mom's?  Well...I had to read the little blurb to see if it was the same quilt and would you believe that my mom inspired this quilter to make this?!  Way to go mom!

And this one is not well-lit either, but the floral has a lot more turquoise than it looks like on my computer screen.  The color placement and contrast really caught my eye and this just screams "wedding quilt!" to me.  For someone particularly special, of course.

My purchases were small.  One at each show, though I thoroughly shopped every vendor!

The fabric was a fat quarter given to everyone who paid entry into one show.  And I'm excited about both books.  The pattern-book has a really cute Halloween quilt in it that I would love to make.  But you all know how often I actually finish stuff for me...stuff that doesn't have a deadline!  The others (5) would all be cute for baby quilts.  Or other gifts.

We left the second show about 15 minutes before they had to kick us out!

I'm glad to be home, but had such a great day.  I've never been to a quilt show with anyone other than my mom (or alone), so it was a different (but very good) experience to go with friends.  And they invited me to another show in September, so I guess I made the cut to hang out with them!

I mentioned the cross stitch, so here's my progress:

The cat is becoming more apparent, but I think I still have two or three more colors to finish the stripes.  Ears and nose...please don't tell me!  And then there's everything AROUND the cat to make it square...ugh!  (And please don't remind me of all the outlining-type stitching I have to do after almost makes me wish I'd ignored this whole UFO for the month and gotten the baby quilt done instead!)

(Speaking of the baby last post on it is as far as it's gotten...still...maybe tomorrow...)

And last but not least, last weekend my mom and I did a few more shops on the 3-month shop hop going on around here.  I bought nothing at the quilt shops, but we stopped at Tuesday Morning and I was bad.

A fat quarter bundle of the fabric line "Weekends," which I've seen parts of before and loved.  It was less than half price, so I bought it.  I think there are something like 24 fat quarters in there and I like almost every one.

Here's a better idea of what the different fabrics are.  At least two colorways of each, but I L-O-V-E those bicycles.  As in I want to pet them and love them and never cut them up.  But I will.  I'll be searching for just the right pattern - something that will showcase all the beauty in each instead of cutting it up too much.

So that's what I've been up to.  I should be weeding the flowers (and rocks...the pile of decorative-ish rocks leading up to the flowers...they don't look so bad until the weeds get going...), but I haven't been.  I don't like weeding.  Who told those weeds they could grow there anyways?  Maybe tomorrow I'll pull them out.  (Probably not...)

Happy quilting,


---"Love" said...

Don't you just love quil shows? I do! You would know I love the circle quilt, but those subtle lines curving through the one you like so well got my attention too! Your cat looks like he could purr! Love it! ---"Love"

Ruth said...

Good progress on the cross stitch! I know how slow that goes, but it's fun and will be great when finished. My Kaleidoscope quilt!!! It is a beauty! I can't believe she hand pieced it! Even the circles??? Wow. I wouldn't want to put mine right next to hers, that's for sure. So that's 2 that your Mom's quilt inspired. I love Tuesday Morning, but have never seen fabric there. Maybe I should go there more often.

Unknown said...

Glad you had a good time at the shows;) It's always fun to get out and see such pretty things;) The kitty cross stitch is is coming out really cute;)
Happy Quilting!!

Marsha B said...

Thanks for the quilt show pictures, those are some gorgeous quilts! Your cross stitch is coming along, I love to watch them grow from a plain canvas to such a pretty picture. Have fun!

Alf and Lily Creations said...

Sounds like fun,Ive promised myself that this year I will get back to the quilt show at Hever Castle. Forget the weeds they'll still be there next weekend for you ;)
Karen x

Beth said...

Quilt shows are just so much fun. I like the quilt photos. The bright, scrappy, circles one is my favorite. So much to look at.
Your cross stitch is making progress. I love watching a picture form as I stitch. It is even more fun watching yours form as you stitch.
Don't worry about those weeds, they will wait for you.