Sunday, April 29, 2012

whew! what a weekend!

I didn't get everything done that I put on the list on Friday, but I made good progress.

I'll mostly just show pictures because they say plenty!

I started with this for the photo quilt:

And then there was the layout
(with lots of help - #4 is just out of the shot):

And then I had this (thanks hubby for holding it up!):

And now I have this:

Ready for quilting, but what pattern?
Any ideas?

And then there's the April UFO, started here:

Cutting in and carefully placing pieces with lots of help!

And then I sewed and sewed and sewed and had this:

(those sashings?  1" cut - 1/2" finished!)
Now I can put it away!

And then there's the baby quilt...
As I was ironing the fabrics, I decided the pattern I'd chosen wasn't going to work as well as I thought it would in the store.  So plan B was put into action..."Orange Slice" from the book Me and My Sister's Fun Quilts.

Started here:

Refiguring before cutting:

Sewing and cutting and moving things around:

Uh oh...anyone see my mistake?
I double-checked the way I was sewing those triangles and STILL got it wrong!

But I think I'm going to like it this way better.
Good thing because it was too late at that point!

And now we have this:

Block quarters!
It will be 3x3 blocks, or 6x6 quarters.
I'll figure out exact dimensions when I've got this part together and can decide on border widths and whatnot.

I didn't get to the Baltimore Album block, but since that's not due until June, I've got time.

Now it's back to the grown-up, real world.
Ironing clothes for work.
Making dinner.

But maybe I can talk the hubby into ice cream for dessert?
Tasty Twist has cake batter ice cream as their flavor of the week...

Happy quilting,

PS  How do you sit at your machine?  This is how I do things at my house.  Sometimes I do it this way at the cutting table as well...

I'm not sure Luka realizes he weighs about 13 pounds, but we've both learned to adapt to this method.


Julianne said...

Oh my gosh! I have a cat named Suki who does that also...I think I should have named her "Polly" as in pirate cat!

Ruth said...

The quilt tops are looking great! Good luck figuring out how to quilt the picture quilt! And I love the look of the baby quilt blocks...and the fabric!

Liriopia said...

Geez, you got alot done. I think it may have to do with your "helpers", LOL. If you can sew with a 13 lb. kitty sitting on your shoulders, you can do anything!


Beth said...

I can barely sew with nothing on my shoulders. LOL You really do have lots of help.
The photo quilt is so great!! Love all the colors. I really like the sashing in your lil twister. I have a halloween one to finish, maybe I can do a sashing too.
The baby quilt is going to be so sweet.
Great progress.

canuckquilter said...

Your photo quilt came together very nicely once you got past the frustrating printing part :) Twister looks good, but I love the block for the baby quilt.