Friday, April 27, 2012

casserole carrier and recipe cards

I've been teasing for a bit now with hints of fabric and such about a project that I can finally show.

Remember these?

The fabric and insulated batting turned into this casserole carrier:

Inside is a 9x13 glass pan a friend and coworker registered for her wedding.
But I'm a quilter and you can't give away a pan naked now can you?

And then I got to thinking...wouldn't it be fun to share some of my best tried-and-true recipes that use this pan for the newlywed?

So the paper rolls are actually kraft paper (not toilet paper rolls), which I ironed flat and then downloaded a PDF for recipe cards to print onto them.  I added about 15 of my recipes and wrapped it all up and could hardly wait for her to open it the day after the wedding.

The wedding was Saturday, so I've been slacking about getting this post up, but there you have it.  Mystery solved.

She loved it.  But I think, from what she's said, her mom loved it more!
She even said she was going to use one of the recipes one day and bring us all in treats!

In other quilty news...

This weekend is the NFL Draft.  And that means the hubby will be glued to the television.  And want me out of his way unless he's hungry.  So I've lined up some projects...

First, the photo quilt blocks are done and trimmed.  Ready for placement.

One block has her name, school and "class of 2012" embroidered (by hand), too.  These went so fast, I have no idea why I procrastinated so much.  The photo printing - that was a hassle and worth the procrastination, but the block construction?  Could it be any easier?

Next, the UFO for April.  Borders on, ready for hacking.

It's almost too pretty to cut up, but Pinwheel Twist is more exciting.  And if you've been reading my blog for even a little while, you know I don't do much of anything the easy way.

Then there's the Baltimore Album block challenge for my quilt group.  I shared the pattern I plan to use, from the book "Quilts from the Henry Ford" in an earlier post, but hadn't figured out colors.  I knew I was heading out for another fabric purchase tonight (keep reading), so I had to decide.

I had so much fun choosing fabrics.  Remembering where they've all come from.  The best one?  That swirly purple came from Kathleen.  Quite a while ago she sent me a stack of wonderful purples.  This one is PERFECT for this project!  I've been waiting to use them and am so happy to be able to incorporate this one.

Finally, there's another baby quilt in the works.  I've said before they come in bunches and boy do they!  My sis-in-law who got the owl quilt is due next month.  My hubby's youngest brother will become a daddy in December.  A coworker just announced she's due to have twins in mid-October.  And just yesterday, a friend let me know she'd just had a little girl!  They'll all get quilts, but an already born baby?  Oh dear, I need to get sewing!

Now Love, please do sit down. 
Because here are the fabrics I bought today:

Definitely NOT what I would usually choose, but they're so sweet for a darling little girl.
I neglected to get a photo of what these will become, but I'm using the X Blocks tool and the stripe will be a border.

All but the brighter pink remind me of 80's calicos.  I suppose if the clothes came back, why not the fabrics for quilts?

Anyone want to bet how much I'll get done?  (Yes, yes, you all are groaning, supposing I'll get it ALL done...)

I have to get oil changed in the hubby's car early tomorrow, so that will get me out of bed (as though Emma having a fit because she's hungry wouldn't?) and hopefully I'll be up and running from there.

Happy quilting!


---"Love" said...

Yes, Katie, I'm drooling, expecially over the pinks and greens! Can't wait to see what you do with them. I've still got to make a baby girl quilt too for later.
But one word of advice: if you go near where any of those mothers-to-be are, please don't drink the water! (tee hee!)
Sounds like you have a good plan for the week-end; hope it all works out for you, you busy gal! ---"Love"

---"Love" said...

Gee whiz! I got so excited about the new fabrics, I forgot all about the casserole carrier! It is really neat, and what a cute way to share favorite recipes; they will become treasures I'm sure! ---"Love"

Barb said...

You are so clever with your wedding your fabrics and projects.

Liriopia said...

The casserole carrier is really neat. I can just hear Love "But I like the roses", LOL!


Beth said...

Katie, very cute casserole carrier. Do you remember the name of the pattern? I made one from the bake shop but it was kind of big.
Love the sweet pinks and greens. Perfect for a baby girl. You are going to be very busy making baby quilts for a while.
Happy stitching.