Saturday, March 10, 2012

what did i accomplish this week?

Not much on the quilty front, but I did get some work done on the Lily Field.

...let's do a quick review in photos...





Oh, wait, that's not Lily Field!
This is a fabric I picked up in the hope that it will work for the graduation quilt.  As a border and back of the quilt.  Maybe a few bits in the quilt.  To try to pull all those colors together.  It kinda screams 1970 in person, but seems a little tamer here.


He's so awesome.  I've been a fan for years, but not been able to see him until now.
She's new and very good.  I'll be watching for her to catch on.
(Both album covers are links to artist websites - they both have songs there!)
Overall: awesome night.

Saturday (up way too early thanks to Emma):

What do you think?
Skip the green/blue flowers, right?
Everything else playing nice together?

Now I just have to get the photos and, deep breath, start printing them on fabric!

But I think today I might tackle one of these.
It's been calling to me since I found them a few weeks ago.

Happy quilting,


Marsha B said...

You made lots of progress on Lily Field, I'm impressed! I like the butterfly fabric and it play nicely with the other fabrics you picked out. I've only printed on fabric one time and I was very careful following each step. It is a bit scarey but my label turned out nice so it was worth the work. The star project you found looks hard but does sound doable. I'm looking forward to see what you make. Have fun!

---"Love" said...

Well, looks like to me you did quite a bit of cuttin' up!
I rather like the green/blue flowers with all the other fabrics; I'd keep it in the plan! ---"Love"

Lynette said...

Hey, I really like that butterfly fabric. And I'm with "Love" - the green/blue fabric is cool with the mix. :D

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I agree with "Love" - I would keep the green/blue flowers in - gives it a bit more contrast in scale if not color. Just my opinion - I could be wrong. ;))

Beth said...

I think the blue and green fabric works. Lots of progress on Lily Field.
Those stars look awesome. You will have to let us know how they went.
Have a great rest of the week end.

Liriopia said...

Couldn't read this post 'cause I was home and hubby's computer kept freezing on me, but that's another story. However, I agree. Keep the green/blue flowers. The butterflies pull everything together.