Saturday, March 3, 2012

help me stop procrastinating!

When Judy announced the UFO for this month, I was really excited it was my Lily Field rescue.  You would think this meant I jumped out of bed before daylight today and started working on it.

It's after noon and I'm still not working on it, but I did go up to my sewing room and get started...sort of...

First I had to deal with this:

This is my cutting area.  It's been messier, but this is the place where lots of stuff gets dumped when I just drop stuff off in my sewing room.  So I put a bunch of stuff away...

Not clean, but cleanER.  That stack of fabrics left of the middle are special and I just can't bear to put them in with the other fabrics yet.
That stack in the middle?  There's a story and I need help!

A family that is good friends with the hubby's family has a daughter who will graduate this spring.  A few years back, her mom asked me to make a photo transfer quilt for her graduation.  I agreed happily.  I've known this gal since she was about 5 - a little shy, skinny girl in pigtails - and I've watched her grow into a beautiful young woman.  I can't think of anyone I'd be happier to make a photo quilt for.

I talked with her mom recently and we decided on a throw-size that she could use or hang on the wall.  But what colors?  Well...her room is painted zebra stripe (a true example of picking your battles for her parents here!), but also hot pink, lime green and turquoise.  I've not seen the room, so no help there (yet?), but let's dig through the stash to see what I can come up with for ideas before hitting the stores!

Ooh, look here!  Bought 2 yards of each of these for another project that will never happen, so let's start here.  Good chunks help the $$!  These coordinate nicely and that flowery-ish one might make a nice border or back or something...something...

Dig through the stash a bit more for other colors...

A couple more turquoises left over from other projects and a white-on-white look nice.  But she said hot pink and black, too, right?  Let's see how it goes with those too...

Anyone else feel like there's suddenly a second quilt happening here?

The pattern we've discussed is to frame the photos in a variety of the colors she's chosen.  A bit like a single-layer wonkyish log cabin, if you will.

So, my quilty friends, what say you?
I have my ideas, but I'll keep them to myself for now, so as to not bias you in yours.

So now that those fabrics are tidied up and photographed and blogged, on to the UFO.  Pull out all the fabrics so I can really look at them...and you can too...

(what's a blog post without a cat in it?  Lexie is in uber-pest mode today)

Compare the blocks with directions and sort things a bit because there are fabrics here not seen in the blocks that came with the rescue and we have this:

Make a little key so I can easily match things up to cut and sew.  I don't always do this, but since I'm finishing someone else's project, it seems right.  And a place to start, hoping for motivation to strike.

So there are some extra fabrics.
But wait.  Let's look at those blocks again...

You'll notice the "alternate" block (on the right) is not using the "purple floral" print as the directions state.  (Trust me here, it says that.)  And I'm not sure if I like the yellowy look of them.  They don't seem to contrast much - even less in person.  What do you think?  Should I remake all of them using the purple floral instead?

There were a few other necessary substitutions that I'll see if anyone notices once I start actually constructing blocks.  Not so major as the alternate blocks.

So now I'm a little stumped and still not motivated.  I thought digging the fabrics and pattern out would get me going, but I'm feeling like a nap or a book instead.  And though I said my goal for each UFO is progress and this probably counts as that, I really don't think this is ENOUGH progress!

I hope you're all having a good quilty weekend.  It's cold and windy and bleh here, so a good day to stay in and quilt...maybe motivation will hit after a nap?
(The hubby is at Bass Pro Shop with his buddy, picking out his birthday present.)

Happy quilting,


Windsom Winds said...

It looks like you've got a challenge in getting this months UFO done. In the book pattern, it looks like the "alternate" blocks use same floral teal fabric as the center of the main block. She must have made some changes. Personally, I would keep it the way it is and finish it how the original quilter intended to. It's probably not what I would have chosen myself, but you might like it and it will sure make the flowers stand out.

I love the color choices for the graduation quilt. Personally I would stick with one quilt, but incorporate the fabrics more. (Maybe because I am not nearly as productive as you.) I like photo quilts where you have to "search" a little to find the photos. I also think an attic window's style quilt would be cool, with each window framing in a different color. However you choose to put these together with this fabrics is going to look great.

a good yarn said...

That's quite a range of colours but I'm sure that what you have planned will be just the ticket. Looking back at the original pattern I think more contrast is needed in those alternating blocks. Your 1930s quilt looks fabulous! Definitely worth the work of sewing all those seams together. ann :-)

---"Love" said...

You are going to have to really practice in order to procrastinate as well as I do! *grin* I have only one suggestion, and it might not work or be necessary in your situation, but it worked for me. Get the mother to give you some paint chips for color matching in the girl's room you haven't seen. (Boy, I'm a lot of help, huh?) ---"Love"

Liriopia said...

I think you are right. The alternating block does not have enough contrast. The squares seem to blend into the background. Don't have a clue for the photo quilt. The turquoises go well together and one can always include black, but the pink has me stumped. Maybe if you included a fabric that also has some pink? I don't know.


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

OK - You KNOW I had to add my two cents - ;)) So first off - the photo quilt - why does it have to match her room? Didn't you say it was for her "graduation"? Is she going away to college? Is it a surprise or can you just ask her what colors she wants?

The rescue quilt - I don't think that it has to be finished in the way you THINK the lady would have done it. She probably couldn't decide either - hence the
UFO. I think you should make it in colors YOU like. Her contribution is the completed flower blocks. The rest of the quilt is what you want to make of it. I did a similar think when I made "Noriko's Bear Paw" - look for it on my blog. It has quite a story. Sorry - that was probably about a nickel's worth, huh? ;))

Beth said...

Maybe you can lay out the Thimbleberries pattern and see how it looks with more blocks layed out. In the photo it doesn't look like there is much contrast. Maybe you aren't motivated cause you aren't that excited about how it looks. Remake the alternate blocks and you will be happier.
I love all the colors for the photo quilt. I love all the colors and I bet a bit of pink will be just fine in there.

Barb said...

Even your mess looks nice and tidy...

Love love the fabrics you are choosing for your graduation project.