Sunday, March 25, 2012

a quilty weekend?

I planned to sew a bunch this weekend.
It rained all day yesterday...good day to stay inside...

and turn this:

into this:

with a minor distraction of turning this:

into this:

Emma likes to help
she was being particularly helpful yesterday

wanna bet how long it will stay this tidy?

and then cut this:

(the purple is finally looking right, but the greens are a little green now...)

the plan is to sew more today, but I haven't gotten there quite yet

Thursday I went to the local quilt group to see what they are all about and I'm really excited.  They're very involved in the community and are a big, friendly, diverse group and I had a great time, so I'll be joining!

happy quilting,


---"Love" said...

Looks like you have your work cut out for you, and if you are joining a community-oriented quilt group, you certainly will! Have fun! ---"Love"

Barb said...

Will look forward to the finished results....glad you have some help!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Looks like you had a BUSY weekend. And Emma was a BIG help! From where I sit - your greens look just fine - but I really need to see them all up on the wall before I can agree or disagree - so will wait patiently for the photos. And yay for you finding a local quilt group to join. You should have fun - at least until one of the older ladies calls you "Honey" - ;))

canuckquilter said...

You seem to have goten quite a bit accomplished besides chores. How could you not with such a cooperative kitty :) Enjoy the quilt group. I'm still looking for one over my way...

Marsha B said...

Want to come clean up my sewing space? Yours looks great and you had help! Hope you got lots of sewing done, progress is lots of fun. Joining the group sounds like lots of fun and a chance to help out, too. Have fun!

Unknown said...

Enjoy the quilt group...they are always fun and inspiring;) Yay on all the progress this past weekend;) Kitty help is always the greatest;)
Happy Quilting!!