Monday, January 9, 2012

one thing, one week: challenge 9

Amy's Creative Side

It's been a while since Amy has done a One Thing, One Week Challenge, but I'm ready!

This week I've challenged myself to turn this:

into owl pieces and decide on a background.

If I have to buy more fabric, so be it, but I'm hoping once I get the owls cut out it will make the process easier.  (Thanks for that suggestion, my blog readers!)

With tomorrow off, I should have no trouble accomplishing this...unless those silly log cabin blocks take over again!

Happy quilting,

PS If you want to join in, the button at the top of the post should take you where you need to go.  There's even a prize for one lucky finisher!


---"Love" said...

You'll make it I'm sure! I have about all the challenges I can handle this week with finishing Christmas packing; that's my one thing! (Wish I was quilting!) ---"Love"

Liriopia said...

Um, no thanks. I will be hard pressed just keeping up with you on a month-to-month basis, LOL!


P.S. Pretty fabrics!

Marsha B said...

That owl pattern is so cute, I can't wait to see your owls! I think it is a good idea to get them made first, then you can play and see which fabrics look the best behind and around them. Have fun!

lisa said...

I was just thinking about that challange. I wish I could join up, but I doubt I could even do one thing in a week. I hope you enjoy working on yours! I will be cheering for you!

a good yarn said...

I think this challenge has been made with you in mind Katie. You are a quilting dynamo. Nice fabrics. ann :-)

Beth said...

I look forward to seeing those owls. The fabric stack makes me want to play with fabric. LOL
I am still slowly working on UFOs.