Tuesday, January 24, 2012

another tuesday sewing

I didn't just sew today, but I'm excited about what I have sewn!

Judy L put up the first step for Rolling Along, the Quilts of Valor quilt along she's hosting, yesterday: make 72 flying geese units.
They'll finish 2.5"x1.25"!

How's that for springy on this cold, windy day?

Step two will be up tomorrow and I hope it will be another rather quick one so I can keep up.

I opted for plain white for a background on these.  I hope I don't regret it.

Then I ironed some work clothes.  Bleh.

That earned me working on the owls - more pieces needed to be cut.

They all get these "eyelid" pieces that outline the white eyes.

Once the eyes are sewn down, it will look something like this:

And then they'll get little buttons for eyeballs.

And beaks and feet.

I also baked brownies (so quick when it's a mix from a box!), so I think I'll go enjoy one of those while I check out the blogs.

Happy quilting,


a good yarn said...

Those 30s geese look great. The points of stars perhaps? I think you'll be fine with the white background. Your owls are looking cuter. You were right about that background fabric. Enjoy your brownies! ann :-)

Liriopia said...

Couldn't open your last post. Don't know what was going on. Love the green fabric at the top and waiting to see how cute the owls turn out.


Marsha B said...

The flying geese look great, love the fabrics! Those owls are going to be so cute, too. The background is perfect with them. You accomplished quite a bit! Mmmmmm brownies, my favorite. I think the best ones come out of a box, same with cake. Things I bake from scratch just never seem to match the ones from the box!

canuckquilter said...

I like your geese. I keep meaning to try something in 30's fabrics and never do, so I'll just admire yours.
The owls are coming along nicely. That's a fine reward for doing the blah clothes ironing!

Beth said...

That stach of flying geese look so springy and happy. Thirties fabrics just make me smile.
Your owls are so adorable. I can't wait to see them finished.
Have a brownie for me.

Unknown said...

What super fun;) I love those owls;) I had a pattern once that I was going to make with owls....does intent mean it goes on a UFO list??;)
Happy Quilting!!

Windsom Winds said...

I've been intrigued by Judy's quilt along and can't wait to see how it turns out with the 30s prints. Great idea! I had to force myself to refrain from taking on another project.

The owls are so precious. They and are going to look great when finished!