Monday, October 10, 2011

a whole lot of random

Lots of little bits to share, so let's combine them all into one big post, shall we?

First we'll start with quilty.  :)

Here's the "Eli's Wheels" quilt in rows.  I sewed it all together after the photo and forgot to take another.  I think it needs a skinny white border on the top and bottom and then it will be done.

I've also completed the blue/green quilt and the Steeler's quilt tops, both to go to Quilts for Kids.  I have two more in the works (you've seen the photos) and two or three more I'm pondering.  I should have taken more photos...but because it's NOT windy, I wouldn't do that now would I?

The Basket Case quilt has its borders too.  I really SHOULD go take some photos...

I sewed this at my parent's house on Saturday.  It was so warm they decided to have a bonfire, so I went early and quilted with my mom...well, I sewed and she tried to, but kept having to go check on dinner...

When my brother arrived with his three girls, s'mores were requested.  My mom didn't have marshmallows (she didn't plan for s'mores), so my 13-year-old niece and I ran to the store.

This is what happens when you let the kids go end up with ginormous marshmallows.  That's a normal-sized marshmallow next to it.  These are nearly the size of your fist!  The kids LOVED them, though I think more were consumed raw than toasted...

And then there was the book sale.  Much smaller than the one I go to in July, but the prices are better.  I was good!

Only 7 books! 
But let's add those to the stack and see how it looks...

...uh's almost back to where I started!

Maybe if I wasn't busy doing things like this...

...I'd have more time to read?

These are for a fund-raiser at the hubby's work.  They'll charge $1 per cupcake and the money will go to United Way.  I had fun making them, though I had to eat a little bit of icing as I went along!  (They eyes were purchased and are candy-edible, in case you're wondering.)

So what have you all been up to?

I have a second interview this Wednesday with the company I interviewed with last Wednesday.  I don't want to jinx it, but I think this is a good thing!

Happy quilting!


Marsha said...

You have been busy, your really got a lot of sewing done! "Eli's Wheels" is a very interesting pattern, lots of motion going on. Red, white and blue is one of my favorite color combinations. I have seen those big marshmallows in the stores. They just look like tons of fun. You were good at the book sale, now you are set for the winter, maybe. Love the cupcakes, what a great idea for a fundraiser. I'm sure they were a hit. Second interviews are promising, hope all goes well!

Liriopia said...

Really like Eli's wheel. Almost as much fun as pinwheels, LOL! Did you need a special ruler for it? Such cute cupcakes with their little beady eyes. Good luck on the 2nd.


---"Love" said...

Eli's Pinwheels is gorgeous! Looks like lots of work, and done very well! You are crowding in lots of other things too! I haven't taken time to read, make cupcakes, cook, or clean house, but need to do all those things! ---"Love"

Beth said...

I like the quilt. It looks it?
You were really good at the book sale. Hope you enjoy the books.
Those cupcakes are adorable. I have never seen those eyes.
Good luck with the second interview.

canuckquilter said...

Can I have a cupcake while I ponder where on my to-do list I can fit Eli's Wheels? I love the movement in it and it make me think of swily candy.

a good yarn said...

Seems there are lots of good things going on with you Katie. Qulty looks fantastic! Cute cupcakes. Aussie marshmallows are pretty wimpy by comparison with yours - they're even smaller still! ann :-)

seventhsister26 said...

Yep....busy, busy, busy you are;) Those marshmallows look fun, and perfect for smores! The cupcakes are adorable;)
Happy Quilting!!