Friday, April 8, 2011

the quilt show

I'm back already!  I went for the preview night Thursday and stopped back this morning for a few more items.  What a whirlwind of a trip - 270 miles each way!

Many of the quilts were very artistic and not something you'd think to be used to keep warm.  Though I was impressed with much of what I saw, I would have liked to see more traditional quilts too.  And so much of the show was labelled no photographs...  I have a few to share, though!

I took photos of their info as well, so I'll show those to help answer any questions.

I liked the colors in this as well as the older fabrics.  And I nearly knocked over a light on a post trying to get a good photo.  (Only I would manage that, right?)

In case any of you can't see it, the word "PILLS" is in this quilt.  (I tried to turn it black and white, but my computer turned it all black...)  I thought it was very creative and what you can't see is that she qused the side effect words as the quilting pattern.

This one was one of the more traditional pattern quilts and it really struck me.  The contrast of the colors is wonderful.

Note this one is called "Majestic Bugs"...I kinda squinted at it and wondered what the bugs were...well, I was squinting at the wrong thing!

The colors are a little off, but you can see the bugs quite well this way.  A lot of quilting went into this - very impressive, but way beyond anything I'll be capable of for many years to come!

This one is awesome.  Awesome colors.  Awesome circles.  Just awesome!  I want to make one just like it.  Right now.  :)

There was a big display of Baltimore Album quilts that I really wanted to photograph, but the whole display was restricted.  Such inspiration for my current Whig Rose project!  (Once I get over feeling like a beginner after seeing the fantastic applique on display there.)

I picked up a bunch of goodies, but I'll save that for another post.  Right now I want to relax and snuggle my kitties - I missed them!

Happy quilting,


Marsha B said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures, these are amazing quilts. It looks like it was a great show!

---"Love" said...

What gorgeous quilts! It seems most of the major quilt shows are having more "artsy" quilts than traditional ones. I never could draw with a pen or pencil; I certainly could not do it with fabric and thread! Some of them are beautiful, but some are a little far out for me; I like the traditional ones best too! Of course, there may be exceptions. ---"Love"

Liriopia said...

Wow, they are all awesome! I can see why you picked them. I am years aways from anything that comes close!


Beth said...

Katie, great photos. I had noticed that the number of traditional quilts seemed to be declining during the years that the show was in Chicago. While I prefer traditional patterns I did start to appreciate art quilts as well. (Not without some exceptions LOL).
Looks like you enjoyed the show. That was a fast trip for you.

Lynette said...

How exciting that you got to go to this show. Thanks for sharing photos. That bug quilt amazes me. I see you have lots of kitties, too! We have 5. :)

Connie204 said...

Thanks for sharing. That bug quilt amazes me, too.