Saturday, April 23, 2011

elephant day #2

Since we found out earlier this week that baby #2 in this series (they always come in batches) will also be a boy, I went out and bought fabrics for the next quilt before the sale at JoAnn's ended.

My inspiration quilt can be found here.  But I told myself I would wait until the elephant quilt top is completed.

So today I dug in again and figured out a layout and started sewing elephants together.  It went so fast!  I can hardly believe I have a top already!

Here's a better photo of the fabric for the back, since the last one was only really a tease.  It's already pieced and ready to go.

I plan to bind it in the orange - already made!

And I was so ambitious, I also pieced the 3 humungous pieces for the back of the wedding quilt!  (9 yards - whew!)

But now I've got a dilemma...what pattern to quilt it with.  I have an elephants panto, but I'm not sure if I'd like the overall design on the quilt and am thinking maybe I'd like a 1/4" inside each elephant better.

The elephants are about 6" tall, so there would be a lot of repeats.  What do you think?  (Sorry it's sideways...)

Tonight we celebrate Easter with my family, but maybe I'll get home early enough to cut out the next baby quilt!  Yay!

Happy quilting,


Ruth said...

The elephant quilt turned out so cute! I don't know about the elephant quilt design though. 1/4" inside the pieced ones might be good, but more trouble to quilt. Maybe someone else will have another idea. I find it hard sometimes to figure out how to quilt something.

Marsha B said...

The elephant quilt is so cute. I like your idea of quilting 1/4" inside each elephant. If it had a wide outside border the elephant panto would be cute marching around that but it might be too much for the main part of the quilt. I like the fabrics for the next baby quilt, too. Happy Easter!

a good yarn said...

It's fabulous! That's terrific backing fabric. I like the idea of quilting inside the elephants. I also like the inspiration quilt on Flickr. Happy Easter! Ann :-)

---"Love" said...

Those elephants are too cute! *grin*
The new fabrics will make a cute quilt too! ---"Love"

Liriopia said...

Baby elephants! Hope the two new babies are little "elephants", too, LOL. No opinion on the quilting 'cause I don't do that, but whatever you choose will look wonderful, I'm sure!


Unknown said...

Maybe you could pull one of the leaf patterns from the backing fabric for the quilting design? I love the quilt...too cute;)
Happy Quilting!!