Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the reds nearly had it

Thanks for all your input on the inner border for my French Kiss quilt.  Overwhelmingly, red was chosen.  And I agreed, mostly, until seventhsister said something that stuck with me: the white border would be in keeping with the modernness of the prints.

So I went back and squinted at it and I have to say I agree.  While I really love the red and how it pops, I think the white needs to be the inner border.  The red will be binding, as it was originally intended, so I'll still have the pop, it will just be popping a little further from the center!

But I wanted to show you my awesome find yesterday.  I went out looking for a back for the anniversary quilt.  JoAnn's has calicos on sale, one particular brand 50% off.  So I figured I'd fall in love with something that wasn't on sale at all.

The solid-ish brown is for borders and binding because I didn't buy quite enough the first time.  (No, really?!  Not this quilt!)

That print?  Back of the quilt.  Quilter's Showcase print.  Regularly $4.99/yard, on sale $2.49/yard!  I bought 8 yards - the whole bolt.  Not because I loved it so much (but I do) but because that's how much I need for a queen-size quilt.

And it's perfect.  I think it fits the gal to a tee.  The guy, well, he'll probably grumble about biddy stuff, since he's my hubby's brother (and therefore has been told ALL about how these sorts of things might kill a man).

And one other, super secret project that's been taking up a bit of time...

You probably won't see much more than this until it's done and given away.

Happy quilting!


Marsha B said...

Great bargin on the backing fabric and it is fantastic. It will be great for a backing. Glad you made a choice on the French Kiss quilt. I do like the red and it will look great as the binding. You have the advantage of seeing the whole quilt, we only got to see the bit in the picture. Can't wait to see it all done. Your new secret project looks interesting. Kinda like a family tree possibly?

Liriopia said...

Oh, love that black & white print. I think I am going to have to develop my black&white eye, LOL.


Windsom Winds said...

Wow girl! You have been so productive I can hardly keep up with your posts. I love that brown fabric too and the price can't be beat. I think the white border will be a good choice and I can't wait to see the results of the mystery project!

Alf and Lily Creations said...

Wow 2.49 a yard !! thats about a £1, bargain... and its a great print. Karen

Connie204 said...

I love black and white. What in heck are you doing with an embrodiery hoop in the middle of all that fabric? Interesting.

Beth said...

Great finds on the fabric. Love that black and white fabric. Can't wait to see French Kiss all done. It is gonna be awesome.

Unknown said...

;) I was hoping by going it alone on the border thing that I wan't too far off;) Can't wait to see the whole thing done;) Fabric buying....I spent way too much this carried we have a hole in our pantry...good time to go on a diet;) But I have some cool projects to work on instead of eating!! LOL;)
Happy Quilting!!

---"Love" said...

Very pretty fabrics! So when do you think we will get to see the embroidery work??? ---"Love"