Friday, March 11, 2011

day 5: bonus day

I didn't expect it, but the hubby had to go in to work for a short while today, so I got a bonus day!

Last night, I decided to dig in and finish those 9-patch units.

So today I could show you the block layout.

It's a bit tricky with two units that are very close to identical, but with some extra effort, I think I'll be okay.  The blocks are all the same, but every other one is rotated 90 degrees.

And today, once the hubby left, I dug into the sewing for a few hours.  Lots of points and such to match, so it took a while, but I did make a dent!

And then the hubby came home...sewing came to a screeching halt.  We went out to lunch, then to Bass Pro Shops to get his (early) birthday presents (that he picks out himself) and we were gone long enough that we stopped for dinner on the way home, too!

Now I'm packing up to head to my mom's tomorrow and have a sewing day with her and my sis-in-law.  I've got a couple of projects packed (dream big!) and plan to take my camera and a couple of bigger quilts I need to photograph because they have a walk-out basement with a nice porch on the first floor that's great to drape quilts over for pictures.  (Now I just have to remember the camera!)

Happy quilting!

PS Don't forget my leftover triangles giveaway!


Marsha B said...

That is a very interesting block layout. It is going to look great! I can see where you really have to pay attention to get everything going in the right direction. Have fun with your sewing day and go tuck that camera into your bag right now so it doesn't get left behind. Oh yes, early Happy Birthday to your hubby, too.

canuckquilter said...

Those blocks are great. The colours just pop now that the units are coming together. I can't wait to see the completed quilt! Enjoy your extra sewing day tomorrow.

Liriopia said...

Love the blocks and Flit gives you a thumbs up for the colors!


Beth said...

That block is very cool. Your colors are perfect to show off the block too. It looks a bit tricky, but I know it willlook perfect when you get finished.
Have fun sewing today.

Unknown said...

Have fun with your mom and sister in law;) I think the colors you picked out are going together great;)
Happy Quilting!!

Sandy said...

The colours look fantastic together, and I love the look of the block. Hope you and your mom and sister-in-law have a great day of sewing.


---"Love" said...

What an interesting block! The solid colors and black remind me of Ammish quilts! Very nice work! Have fun! ---"Love"