Monday, October 25, 2010

woman on a mission (day 1)

I had to wait till noon when the hubby headed out for his business trip before I could rearrange the living room properly for sewing.  You know, so you can see the TV from your sewing machine? 

I'm up more than an hour later than I'd hoped, but I was determined!

First I worked on the doggie quilt.



Ha ha's really windy here, but it was a goergous day, so I tried for an outside photo.

This pattern drove me nuts.  The doggie blocks were too small for the lopped-off center point star blocks.  After I fussed and fudged and got it together, it occured to me that maybe I should have squared up the star blocks to make them the non-specified proper size to fit with the doggies and then I'd have lopped off ALL the points to get it together?  But it's a top.  Done for now.  If I ever make it again, I'll use the picture, not the directions, to make it.

I promise a better picture when it's not windy and/or finished.

And then on to the jelly roll my mom got me for my birthday.



30 blocks.  Done.  These went together really nicely (don't look at that top's got a little pucker - one of only two in the whole stack - and it was the last block and I'm too tired to care to rip it out tonight), though I did have to lay each one out to make sure I got everyting sewn together properly.  And the one print with stripes (directional) didn't help, but I ripped very little.

Tomorrow I plan to lay these out on my design floor.  It's late and since my house was built before electricity, nightime lighting is terrible.  And I'm tired.  And Emma is freaking out because I'm not in bed yet (apparently her belly is not the only thing following my regular schedule!).

And then I will get out the hubby's quilt and hopefully get that into a top as well.

Oh, and I forgot what came in the mail today!

My second charm pack.  I can work on that quilt, too, now!  And that thank you in there is the envelope the shipping paperwork came in.  Such a nice touch.  Yay Fat Quarter Shop!

It's been a good day!

Happy quilting,


lisa said...

my place was made in the 30's, I hear you about poor night lighting, I want to take some pics right now too but will have to blog tomorrow!! I LOVE that quilt top you made, too bad it was not a well written pattern or I'd ask for info!

I *heart!!* FQS

---"Love" said...

Sounds and looks like good planning and lots of progress! Have fun! ---"Love"

Sandy said...

Great work, Katie. The doggie quilt is cute, and I love the basket weave blocks. I hope you and Emma get some sleep cause it sounds like tomorrow will be another busy day.

seventhsister26 said...

Speedy work on those doggies;) I run across too many patterns that are easier to make by the pictures than the directions;) Can't wait to see the rest of those blocks from the jelly roll;) And I'm glad you had a great experience with Fat Quarter Shop;)
Happy Quilting!!

Country Log Cabin Quilter said...

The doggie quilt is super cute! It will make someone very happy. After you said not to look for the pucker, of course, I tried to find it, but couldn't. It must be real tiny! Hee Hee! You made lots of progress!

Marsha said...

Your first day off was very busy and you accomplished so much! The doggy quilt is so cute and the colors are bright and cheerful. It will make a great gift. I looked for the pucker, too (sorry, I am curious sometimes!) I couldn't find it either. Tomorrow sounds like another busy day! Enjoy!

Beth said...

Everyone looked for the pucker LOL. So of course I had to look too. I looked and then enlarged the photo, still no pucker. You sure it wasn't a shadow? The block looks great and I can't wait to see the blocks together.
The doggie quilt is just adorable. It will be loved.
Happy sewing