Wednesday, September 8, 2010

sideways quilting and more

Quilting with my machine turned sideways worked out super fantastsically! 

(For those of you who missed the first post, the video is here.)

I had way better control of the quilt, as the bulk wasn't fighting me as much.

I did 42 circles, inside and outside, in just a few hours.  (No photos yet...)

It was a pretty far reach to the knob to move the needle when starting (I don't have a needle-up or -down function) and rewinding bobbins required me to get up, but those are minor problems.

I attached the table that came with my machine and it gave me a bigger area to work with.

And I would suggest having a good-sized table to put your machine itself on.  Having it hang off one end of the table caused a little trouble when the quilt started pulling itself down.  (I moved the machine to the center of the table!)

All in all, a very, very good and useful technique.  I wish I'd known about it sooner.  And I know I'll be using it again.

You should all go try it.

And now, since I have no photos today, let's review the to-do list:

1. Hubby's new bed quilt (Christmas deadline)  still no progress :(
2. Makayla's I Spy quilt (November deadline)  done, needs label
3. Ethan's I Spy quilt (January or Christmas deadline)  needs binding hand-sewn and label
4. Alora's sports teams quilt (if I can find all those I want - Christmas deadline) can't find fabrics
5. Kim's hand print quilt (as soon as possible)  need hand tracings still...
6. Erik and Jennifer's quilt  done, needs label
7. Make Life Charm Squares quilt (needs borders - no deadline, it's for me!) DONE (top)
8. Amanda's twin quilt #1 (babies due November)  done, needs label
9. Amanda's twin quilt #2  done, needs label
10. Julie's 3rd baby quilt,still waiting on gender (she finds out Sept 23rd), due Feb 13th, pattern selected
11. Birdies on a Wire quilt (for me, no deadline, just want it done!)  still no progress :(
12. extra June dolly quilt  DONE!
13. July dolly quilt  DONE!
14. APQ swap quilt (borders only) DONE (top)
15. Baby quilt for T's little one  done, needs label

So what do you all think I'm going to be doing in the next few days?  If you guessed labelling quilts, you're right!

And I think that brings the list to just 4 more quilts needing work!

I want to show photos, but since these are pretty much all gifts, I feel like I should wait until they've been given to show final pictures.

But let's see if I can find something fun to end this with...

For Theri! 

Don't ask me what this bird is.  A hawk, I think...  I work at a university.  In the vet school.  They have a wildlife ward and rescue birds and stuff.  Every year the vet school has an event where they show off all you can do as a vet for kids.  One exhibit is these birds.  I have no idea how I got such a good picture.  I have the side of a barn owl and the other side of another owl...this guy must have wanted his photo taken, though I did crop out the dead mouse below him for those of you who are a little squeamish...

Happy quilting,

PS I was hoping for a more fun photo, but most of them are people who might not want to be featured online.  And the photo of milking a cow wasn't so good.  And you've seen the the hawk got the spot! 


Marsha B said...

Great shot of the hawk, it is a beautiful bird! You have accomplished a lot, congrats! Glad turning the machine to quilt really worked well. I am going to have to learn to do some machine quilting!

canuckquilter said...

Wow, you've just plowed through that to do list! I'm looking forward to having them all delivered so we can see pictures :) Thanks for the review of the sideways quilting. I'll definitely give it a try if I ever work the kinks out of my machine... -Joanne

---"Love" said...

Well, I lifted my machine out of its recessed spot in my cabinet and turned it around and tried it. I do think it is a great idea, and IF I could just do a better job of stitching, I'd probably try it more. At least it solves the crowded problem a lot. My problem was that I cannot find the extension table that fits around my machine,(I've got to find that; haven't used it in years!) and without it, I don't have a large enough 'table' to work on, and it's up about three inches above the rest of my cabinet. The reach around to the needle turn wheel was aggravating, but with needle down, I got the test done. Maybe I'll get it figured out this winter. I do agree it should work well, if I could just put the needle down where I want it! *grin* Thanks for the link.
That bird is gorgeous, and your "finished" list is looking great too! ---"Love"

Beth said...

You are making great progress on that list! Wish I were making progress on something. LOL
I am going to try the sideways quilting. Sounds like you did well with that technique. To share a tip I saw somewhere..if you need more table to support the weight of the quilt, pull up the ironing board and adjust it to be level with your table and tada extra surface to support the quilt.
Good luck with the labels, how do you make your labels?

Stash Heaven said...

I think it's a Cooper's hawk 'cause he looks a lot like the one that swoops thru my yard!

Since your "to do" list is diminishing, think I could send a few to you? I really need to get back on target and get some projects done--or at least settle on one and finish. Mary

Theri said...

Thank you! Thank you! He is a beautiful fellow! Nice job on the list- I am on vacation this week and working on my own. :) Theri

Connie204 said...

I have been very busy and am just catching up. I will try your sideways machine quilting one of these days. You are certainly get alot done. Love, love the Hawk picture. He is beautiful. Connie204