Wednesday, March 10, 2010

yep, orange

I've been sewing frantically to be able to show this:

Yep.  Orange.  And some purple-ish-ness.

I struggled with getting those corner points to come out right when adding borders.  More so than the center points, which suprized me.

They're a little washed out in this picture, but I took this at night.  Emma (right) and Luka (yawning, left) are helping with photos.

Yep, all 26 of 'em are done. I got all excited and just went for it.  I made enough for me too!  Now I can relax.  (Ha!)

This months' blocks won't go in the mail until Saturday because the Post Office here has the world's shortest workday.

Now I have to put these on Flickr. 

And I should probably explain the "scientist" part of my last post...  I have a BS in Microbiology.  I work in what is called the "Microbial Epidemiology Research Lab" at the same university I graduated from.  What I do is isolate and identify bacteria (mostly from fecal samples - I'm the "Poop Queen" - someone actually brought in a crown from Burger King one day...) and then test them for antibiotic resistance.  We look at changes in resistance over time, after use of antibiotics to treat infection, compare profiles found in organic and non-organic farms, and between different species of animals and then publish papers about our results.  We also send out our bugs for molecular (DNA) testing and I've had a chance to work with that lab, too.  I love what I do.  Organization is very important and I am used to doing many, many, many of the same tests in a row, so maybe that sheds some light on my apparent-OCD behavior in making all the blocks at once.  It also maybe helps you understand the right brain/left brain arguments I struggle with!

On to my next project!


Ruth said...

Wow!!! The blocks look wonderful! I got 8 done and need to get 4 sent soon. I will probably send them next week. We're having a garage sale on Saturday, so we're busy with that. What a job! I'm glad you enjoy it.

a good yarn said...

Fabulous Katie! Now we can all get some idea of how our quilts might look when we each receive our collection of blocks. It's so exciting and I am quite inspired.

You have a very interesting job - no wonder you are as organised as you are.

Ann :-)

Beth said...

You blocks look great. It is so great that you have yours all done. Fun to see a bunch of them togather, it gives me an idea of how the quilt will look when we are done collecting blocks.
Poop Queen hu? Microbiologist, I am in awe. The only science I had trouble with in college was microbiology. In all fairness to the science, I was a bit of a party animal and did not exactly spend much time with the books.
I do understand that right brain-left brain thing.
Look forward to seeing what's next.

Christine said...

The Poop Queen!! Love it! :)

Your blocks are looking fabulous- you did a really great job on them (can't wait for mine!). I thought we had to make 28 blocks (14 participants)- is this wrong? ~Christine

Liriopia said...

Love the blocks and working on mine. Math challenged here. I thought we only needed 16 blocks, LOL. OK, somebody give me a real number, please. 26 or 28?


---"Love" said...

Girl, you have been busy, busy! Your blocks look great, and that layout you've shown will encourage everyone to get theirs all done too! I'm glad you like your job! I don't think I could handle it! *grin* ---"Love"

canuckquilter said...

You used up some of your small bit of precious purple scraps on the swap blocks? I'm sure we're all honoured :) Your blocks look great and will be a great bright splash in our quilts.

Liri, I believe the "real number" is 26 - in the end only 13 people confirmed for the swap. I only received 13 addresses from Ann, including mine, so 13 people x 2 blocks per person =26 blocks (or 24 if you aren't making a pair for yourself -let's just toss in a new number to muddy the waters!)


Liriopia said...

LOL, what's a few numbers between friends! 26 it is. At least I know there will be enough.


Stash Heaven said...

Luka is obviously exhausted with this stage of block building and now has time before your blocks start rolling in...and how about you? And the right brain/left brain have plenty of time to decide how to finish the quilt. Great job, Katie! And yes, no matter how many times I "square up", I'm still holding my breath to see whether those last corners are perfect, or not. Mary