Monday, March 8, 2010

right brain vs. left brain

Left brain: Holy cow do we have a lot of leftover fabrics.  We better figure out how to use those up because you know we don't have any more room for more boxes in that cupboard.  What to do...

Right brain: Oooh...modern scrap quilt!

Left brain: Yeah right.  First of all, you have no idea HOW to make those.  Second of all, all those pieces in random sizes and wonky angles and points that intentionally don't match.  I think I'm getting sick.

Right brain: But you don't have to know how, just dig in and start sewing and cutting.  It will all work out in the end because that's the whole point.

Left brain: Hmmm...  But you don't have the right funky modern colors.  Or enough of them.  Too much of what we have is more traditional in color, so it will look foolish.

Right brain: Maybe not.  Maybe we'll just have to look harder for the right pattern.  Maybe we'll have to make up our OWN pattern.

Left brain: Yeah right.  We all know you're too left brained to pull that off.  You've been taught quilting in the traditional way, and I'm here to make sure you stay right inside that box.  All neat and tidy.  You're a SCIENTIST in real life, for gosh sakes.

Right brain: But I WANT to work outside the box!  Crazy left brain control freak.  I can do both.  You can manage that.

Left brain: Yes, I can manage you, but I think you should figure out a traditional quilt to use up those scraps.

Right brain: But I don't want to.  That box is getting boring and you won't even allow me to decorate it.

Left brain: I give up.  Go ahead, but you know it's gonna be ugly.

Do you think I need help?



canuckquilter said...

Go right brain! Think outside that box! (and show us pictures) Of course I, personally, am seriously controlled by my left brain. I'll go ahead and cheer for anyone's right brain that is strong enough to shush the left for a bit :) -Joanne

---"Love" said...

Oh my! I can't wait to see the quilt that comes from that discussion! *giggle* Whatever it is, I'd bet it won't be ugly! (Cute post!) ---"Love"

Christine said...

HAHAH! This was too cute. Go RIGHTY!!! :) Christine

Marsha B said...

Great post! Very funny and creative, I think the right brain is really in control!

Hope that does create a quilt, can't wait to see it.

Unknown said...

This conversation sounds like something that goes on here alot;) Too funny;) Even when I am being creative, my left side says it has to have order. But, my right brain has been creeping in once in a while. "Hey...Look over there!" (meanwhile, the right brain is rearranging the blocks on the floor)
Have fun, and keep quilting!!

a good yarn said...

LOL Joanne. Let go and have your way - who knows what wonderful creation will come from it. I'm certainly looking forward to it. Cheers, Ann :-)

Liriopia said...

Go, go, go! Can't wait to see this quilt. Bet it turns our awesome!


Beth said...

I am not sure which side of my bran should responbd to that conversation. I say let go let that right brain use those scraps.
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps a quilt is not enough... perhaps 2, should do the trick, one for each side.

Here's a link of a right brain kind of quilt I've been working on. The sad thing is... I think I have just as much scraps! At some point they are going to be too small!


Stash Heaven said...

I'm still trying to get past SCIENTIST?
You have plenty of experimenting to do when all these blocks arrive in your mailbox. Mary