Sunday, January 24, 2010

Playdough and Birdie Bag

I've had two nieces and a nephew here overnight.  I'm exhausted!  We made playdough from scratch.  It's a recipe that was in a cookbook put together by my elementary school MANY years ago.  I had to call my mom for it, but the kids had fun, though video games were a bigger draw.  (Guess I'm getting old...)


1 cup boiling water
5-10 drops food coloring
2 tbsp. vegetable oil
1/2 cup salt (yes 1/2 cup)
1 cup flour
1 tbsp. alum

To boiling water, add food color and oil.  Add remaining ingredients and stir/knead until well-conbined.  Add more flour if too sticky.  Store in an air-tight container.

This came from the mom of a girl who was in the same grade as one of my brothers.  Hearing her last name reminded me of stories of her "marrying" my brother on the playground in about 1st grade!  Thanks Mrs. Ekkins for the recipe and trip down memory lane.

Also, the Birdie Bag is done!

I feel a sense of accomplishment, but feel a little guilty at it...there are a number of other projects I started in 2009 that are being neglected for new ones to be started in 2010.  I suppose eventually I'll run out of newer projects, right?

I think it's time for a nap...



Christine said...

I've never heard of making your own Playdough! I'll have to save the recipe. Great job on the birdie bag. Enjoy your nap :) Christine

Marsha B said...

Your birdie bag is sooooo cute. The different fabrics and colors make a really fun bag. Don't feel guilty for finishing the bag first, that just leaves time to think more about the other projects and that will make them better! I always try to finish one project before starting another but somtimes I need a little break from one before I continue with it. I try to sneak a fresh new little project in between the bigger ones.


canuckquilter said...

My kids loved making playdough. Our recipe used a package of KoolAid for coloring. They loved seeing the colour suddenly turn bright and deep when the water was added, and it smelled nice too. So, you think you'll eventually run out of new projects ?!!! Let me know how that works out :) Meanwhile, just enjoy the sense of accomplishment from any finishes along the way. -Joanne

---"Love" said...

Well, I'm certainly old enough to have made homemade play dough! I also made it with my boys. Something similar I remember was in the fifth grade; we made "salt" maps in geography class. Wish I had that recipe too! BTW, your bag is really cute! ---"Love"

Beth said...

The Birdie bag came out great. When I hop to new projects before finishing older ones, I just call it quilters ADD.
I did not know that you could make playdough. I used to have some at my desk for when those teleconferences dragged on... Noone could see me, so I made playdough creations.
Hope you had a good nap. Beth

a good yarn said...

Homemade PLaydough - that does take me back. I think it's good for kids to know that you can make this stuff and not but it. Your Birdie Bag looks terrific! Don't worry too much those 2009 projects will eventually get the love and attention they crave. Happy Stitching, Ann :-)

Anonymous said...

I've made tons of that sort of play dough in my days;) It came in handy when I was running the summer camp. LOVE the bag;)
Happy Quilting!!!

Stash Heaven said...

Absolutely love the bag--you're not going to misplace this one! You've been playing with buttons again and it looks good. Had time to look back on previous posts and found your story of Jenny's quilt. How lucky you are... Mary

Anonymous said...

Home made play dough is always the best. And if you want to, you can make things, let it dry and then paint it. Who knows maybe a quilt will be inspired by such creations! My recipe is the same, but I think it uses cream of tartar as opposed to alum.

Your bag is quite cute! Well done on that. No new projects... oh oh, I may be in trouble! *Grin*