Monday, November 27, 2023

crazy cat lady

I suppose my last post about the cat quilt and cat rescue might have tipped anyone who is new here off to my crazy cat lady status.  (Those of you who have been here longer know all about my problem.)

Salem weighed in at 7 pounds and will go in to be spayed next month.  She got her first round of vaccinations and is otherwise healthy.

But we have a new problem.


I worked Black Friday and as I was getting ready to head to lunch, this guy walked in with a kitten.  Now I work in a farm store, so dogs are frequent.  Sometimes we get a goat or a mini pig or a kitten.  This was not a take-your-pet-shopping deal.  This was a dump-your-cat-at-a-store-parking-lot deal.

There is a special place in hell for people who do things like this.  I'm sorry if that is too strongly worded for anyone out there, but this is horrendous.

She is small.  8-12 weeks old is my guess, but she'll be seeing the vet later today.  (Second Monday in a row I've called with a new kitten and they've fit me right in.  No complaints.)  We'll find out how old this spazzy muffin actually is and how much she weighs, but it's not much.

She is more peopley than Salem and seems to have some separation anxiety issues.  She crashed on what we call the "princess pillow" yesterday.  (The hubby doesn't like it next to him on the end of the couch, so he sets it in the middle and rests his elbow on it.  The cats snuggle on it next to him.)

She has more energy than the four older cats put together, I think.  But she is a normal kitten and my hubby is absolutely smitten.

So we now have six cats.  (She is undeterred by the hissing of the other five, so I think we're going to be okay.)

What else have I done?

I finished the center applique for the Bramble Blooms quilt along.  The kitty was an idea from a few weeks ago, but seems fitting since we added Salem just last week.  Maybe this quilt will be named Salem's Garden?  Hmmm...guess we'll see how the rest of the quilt turns out.

I'm glad to have it done, as the next step is likely to come any time now.

I also got a call from my Saved By Zade, the folks I've sewn a lot of hammocks and catnip toys for, asking for covers for heating pads.  They have rescue barn cats that are fairly pampered while waiting for a forever home, but the heating pads are getting dirty quickly with the snow and mud.  So a cover that could be removed and washed is in order.

I scored some velcro at the dollar store (it's not the grippiest, but it doesn't need to be) and raided my stash for this flannel to make a test cover.  I'm meeting with my volunteer later today to evaluate the project and receive a fabric donation to make more.

If anyone out there has any ideas how to make these more robust or safely water resistant, please let me know!

There are 16 heating pads in the barn, but I'll need to make at least three per pad to allow for washing and not make it be a must-do task.  Unless they ask for more.  If they're providing fabric, I can put in the time, no problem!

This week also included more shifts than usual at work and two Thanksgiving celebrations.  I'm glad to have a day at home finally (though I have been out for groceries already and will be out a few times later, as noted above) and just relax!

Oh yeah, I also have to quilt the wedding quilt, but right now the focus around here is acclimating two new cats and I'm a little wary of how they'll behave with the noisy longarm running.  I've got time to procrastinate!

Happy quilting!


Nancy said...

Lily is adorable! I lover her coloring. I'm not a cat person and don't know how to help cats acclimate to each other but from what I've read and seen with my daughter's cats, I'm impressed that Lily isn't fearful of the hissing. My daughters' little one is still here with us (she had a cold, so was more or less isolated from playing and interacting with the other cats) and when she got out once, the other two cats either glared or hissed at her. She just walked her way across the room ignoring them. The two older cats ran and hid. I don't know if that means she's going to rule the roost or they'll eventually put her in her place....
I love the addition of the cat on your Bramble Blooms center.
For waterproofing heating pad covers, I wonder if you could use water-proof mattress pads. I don't know if they could be dried, though.

Quilting Babcia said...

I love the addition of the kitten to your Bramble Blooms! Thinking you could hide kittens somewhere in each succeeding round, so fun to make it uniquely yours. Our 3 year old Sammy cat came to us at about 8 weeks old. He was a country drop-off, and had been living on his own for at least a couple weeks before he wandered into our barn. Along with fleas, ticks, worms, ear mites and everything else eating away at his little body. He had apparently sustained his tiny self by eating grasshoppers, moths and such - which he still loves today. He's now a handsome big ginger who loves to outrun our Aussie and climb high into the box elder tree behind the barn. I'm thinking your newbie kitties hit the jackpot finding you!