Monday, September 18, 2023

not much

The lack of cat hammock making has stalled me out quite a bit in the sewing room.  I guess when I have lots to do I manage my time better?

I am working on a kicker style cat toy for the rescue to use as a free-for-donation item.  I researched a few patterns and made one that has a little pouch in the end that can be refilled with catnip.

It requires velcro to close the end, but I thought it might be a nice little extra.

I do not like it.


#1 - too fat, not long enough

#2 - velcro closure does not go all the way across (my bad, though it would be hard with even longer velcro strips), allowing catnip back out

#3 - stuffing shoves its way back to the top, leaving the catnip at just the very end

Finn got the first trial and seemed to like it, but it has not generally been a popular toy around here.  I think it needs more catnip.  And catnip throughout.

So I'm on to another trial.  I have some crinkly plastic to put inside and one pattern called for fusible interfacing to make the toy sturdier.  Things to debate.

Maybe today?

I did get the baby quilt quilted.

I just did a clamshell design, but I loaded it upside down so I could make go in the direction to look like humps of dirt.  It went fast and I took no more photos, but it is currently waiting for me to attach binding.  That is black, so I need to wait for a sunny day to sew that down - my eyes aren't what they used to be!

I did go to the AQS show that was nearby this past week, but bought almost nothing.  The vendors were a little better than past years, but a number of those I've seen year after year weren't there.  I got a little wool applique kit for my mom from a new-to-me vendor (Carried Away Designs) that I need to keep secret, and some thread for my longarm (boring colors like grey, so no photo, sorry).

The hubby went along and we did find a really good restaurant for lunch afterwards.  Mission BBQ isn't fancy, but the food was delicious and if we're in the vicinity of one again, we'll definitely go back!

And that is all my news.  For two weeks.  Well, quilty and interesting.  Because who wants to hear about my 10 hour shift unpacking and hanging up winter coats and gloves?  Or routine trips to the vet?  (Two of those in one week!)

Time to go find something productive to do so maybe I'll have more to share next week.

Happy quilting,

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

You've been busy!! Clamshells for humps of dirt was a GREAT idea for the baby quilt! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with for a new cat toy - ;))