Wednesday, March 18, 2020


This latest Project Quilting challenge, while it sounds like it should be right up my alley with "Vibrant and Vivacious", is actually not motivating me at all.  Maybe because it IS so much up my alley that it's really not much of a challenge after all?

I'm sure the current state of the world is not helping, but there are far too many speculating about every aspect of that, so I'm going to leave it alone.  And hope that all of you out there are okay.

I did have another round of the crud last week.  It left me with zero appetite, but Thursday popsicles started sounding really good.  So my hubby went and got me some.  I ate one in bed.  Gabby was so confused.

I let her sniff it.  This was her face.  She cracks me up!

I am feeling better, but my taste buds are out of whack.  Orange gatorade has overtones of black pepper.  Coke tastes like straight sugar.  And my appetite is a little wacky, too.  Mostly I want fruit and veggies.  I guess those are generally good things, right?

So, I had lots of snuggles and love while I slept to feel better and now I'm trying to get back to normal things.  Like Project Quilting.

I have some bright, striped fabric that was part of a Tula Pink fat quarter bundle I bought a few years ago.  I chose to not use it for that project and it sounded like a good choice for this project?  Maybe cut some wedges and make beach umbrella-like blocks?

I have one ruler that will cut hexagon wedges.  Okay.  The inspiration had octagons, which go into squares a little more easily than hexagons, but this is what I have and, even in better circumstances, I am not going to purchase a ruler just for this one project!

So these went together quite well. I've never tried to match stripes, and the angles made it seem like more of a challenge, but these actually went easily and made me more willing to make additional blocks.

Today I dragged myself into the sewing room to make the remaining blocks, opting to only make 6 total, not 8 as I originally planned, as I thought it would be easier to get them into a reasonably-shaped top.

And I took no photos.

I angry-sewed pieces into hexagons, hexagons into rectangles and rectangles into a top without taking any photos.  I may have made the ugliest thing ever.  It's about 30" square.

Angry because this project doesn't make me happy.  Because it doesn't feel vibrant.  Because I don't know. did take my mind off other things!

I made binding and pieced some fabric for the back and will quilt it tomorrow.  I should have it done by the Saturday evening deadline.  I have no more shifts at work until next week Tuesday - that's how I was scheduled, so no more interruptions for me!

I also worked some on the baby quilt.  Not much, as the lack of eating for days made me get tired easily and holding your arms up to sew big pieces to each other is a lot more work than you might realize under normal circumstances!

I got all the big pieces together and went to lay it on the floor and Gabby claimed it immediately.  It still needs outer borders all the way around, but Project Quilting took over the sewing room first.  Soon!  I've got plenty of time.

Happy quilting,


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Angry-sewing beach umbrella-like blocks doesn't sound near as much fun as watching Gabby's face - she cracks me up, too! - ;))

---"Love" said...

Sorry you've been feeling so bad so long; hope you feel better soon! Your little striped quilt may not be the most satisfying quilt you've ever made, but it is not nearly as bad as you made it sound. I really like the matched stripes, which you did very well. That baby quilt is going to be adorable! ---"Love"

Preeti said...

I am so sorry that you are feeling down, Katie. I really like the striped hexie blocks. I have never made hexie blocks and I am very tempted to try. Take care of yourself and take it easy for a few days. You cannot force normalcy just as you cannot force creativity. When I feel depleted, I go do something else, like cook. I suggest making chicken and dumplings :-) Sending big warm hugs and feel good vibes.

Marsha B said...

Sorry to hear you have been sick again, that's no fun! Hope you are better soon. Your little quilt does look like beach umbrellas on a sandy beach. Maybe some creative quilting will make it better. The castle quilt is so cute, perfect for a little girl! I love all the pink. Gabby is such a good helper! Hope some days off help you feel better fast and enjoy your time home.

Ruth said...

I definitely wouldn't call the challenge quilt ugly! I rather like it. It is different and now it's done and I'm sure someone will love it. The baby quilt looks cute - what I could make out of it. Someone messed it up a little. She sure is cute though! Her first picture is very cute.