Tuesday, June 18, 2019

please vote!

Remember my Twirly quilt?

Sure you do.  It wasn't THAT long ago I formally introduced you!

Now you can vote - it's a judged challenge, but also they are doing viewer's choice voting.  So, if you're so inclined, you can vote for me!  (Or someone else...)

One vote per category - "Quilts" - "Minis" - "Just the Top"

Vote HERE!

Mine is #2 in the "Quilts" category - right at the top...after you scroll past all the rules and mumbo-jumbo...

There are some pretty cool entries and it's fun to see how differently everyone interpreted the color theme of the challenge.

In sewing news, I've been sewing a little...

I left you with the half-square triangle butterflies, headed for a layout update.

After sewing them together, I had this:

Then I added a "white" border of one of the background fabrics...

...I no more than had it on the floor and Gabby came tearing in and flopped on it.  She rolled around on it like it was catnip.  Emma was nearby, supervising, of course, and I managed to get a shot of both of them with the quilt.  Emma's face is absolutely priceless.  (Though to be truthful, I'm not sure if that face is because her baby sister is being a goofball, or if she's angry with me because I'm not feeding her for the 44th time that day.)

Finally, a pieced border came together.  It didn't take as long as I anticipated, but raiding my small stash of 2.5" squares yielded very few, so much cutting was needed.  Still, it went fast.

I love the border.  It really adds a nice pop of color in an otherwise kinda pale quilt.  But as I looked at the photo, knowing I had made butterflies, wonky stretched stars popped out at me!  So I suppose this quilt can be whatever you want.  Done (the top, at least) is what I'm going to call it!

I pieced a back from the stash and also cut and made (orange) binding.  That is all hanging together, awaiting the longarm.

In other news, I think I ordered too much food the other night...

...this was MY meal.  The menu did state all these things were in the dish, but I kinda didn't think that through.  Or maybe expected some of them might be smaller.  I have plenty left over.  But it was delicious and I tried a few things I've not had before (the tamale and the chili relleno) and was pleased with what I tasted.

Time to go relax...oh, wait, first I have to put sheets back on my bed...after a busy day at work, though, I'm looking forward to a quiet evening.  Maybe no quilting tonight, but there is a quilt show a few hours from here and my hubby, off work all week, has offered to take me.  Maybe I can talk him into viewing the quilts with me?

Happy quilting!


Marsha B said...

I voted for Twirly, it is such an amazing quilt. The butterfly quilt turned out really cute and I agree, the border really sets it off. Your meal is something my hubby would love, although he is trying to lose some weight and would have to make more than one meal out of that, too. Have fun at the quilt show, sounds like fun!

---"Love" said...

I love, and voted for, your Twirly quilt! I would dare to say it required more thought and planning than any other entry in the contest! I also agree the border on the other quilt really made the colors pop! It will be a great summer quilt! Hope you got to go to the quilt show, and if so, that you had fun! ---"Love"

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I voted for your quilt - I was just waiting for the chance! "Done" is a good name for a quilt - I might "borrow" it - and add "Finally!" - LOL. Your helpers are cute, as always - and the food looks yummy - but I'm waiting to hear/read if hubby viewed the quilts with you - ;))

Ruth said...

I voted for you - of course! I really love that quilt - not enough to make one, however! My question is - How do all those people have the time to enter a challenge like this? I know how you do it - by sheer determination - so I suppose that's how others do it too. I have never really entered a challenge. I'm not that creative - I do better following patterns. Good luck!! The butterfly quilt came out really cute.

a good yarn said...

My vote for Twirly is cast. Good luck Katie. The pieced borders looks terrific on your butterfly quilt (I'm a big fan of pieced borders). Funny kitties!