Friday, August 24, 2018

rsc: orange - done!

After about a week hiatus from sewing after vacation, I finally unpacked my sewing stuff and set my room up again.  I had tidied as I packed, so it looks better than usual right now - and so far, I've been able to find everything I've looked for!

But I noticed the days left in the month were dwindling quickly and I needed to sew my orange Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks.  The LAST color for me!  The LAST 9 blocks of this dreaded project.

So, being scheduled only three days this week, I had time to do chores and sew.  (Unlike last week where I was scheduled five and felt like I was being punished for taking time off!)

I started out counting how many of the nine blocks had templates.  Three.  Not so bad.

Get out the oranges.  Gather the other fabrics and supplies and focus.


transit center

(this one is going to require a little fudging when I put them together - the diamond part came out a little small...templates...)

mini storage


emergency exit

house plant


coffee shop



I am beyond excited.

I started these Monday and, after my guild meeting last night, whipped out the very last one.

I'm not looking forward to putting them together, but since the challenge still has two more colors to go (dark blue and dark green, I think?) that I am not using, I have two extra months to sew this together - before the call to sew up the blocks comes in December!

Let's see all the oranges together, shall we?

Pretty wide variety of oranges there, but I like it anyways.  It shows the variety in my stash.  (And I didn't even add in the leftovers from the orange UFO quilt this month - though they were in the stack, I kinda pondered if they qualified as scraps yet!)

Let's see a collage of all the blocks (including the tiny stars that I did early on - and fell off the wagon a bit in later months)...

Holy cow!

I'm excited to put these together now.  (I take back my dread from earlier in the post, though I'm sure it will creep up again...all those blocks that may or may not be quite the right size...uh oh...)

Tomorrow I am going to the AQS quilt show with my sister-in-law and then I think out to dinner with at least her and both of my brothers.  Maybe more.  My other brother (the one whose wife I will not be going to the show with) smashed the end of his finger the other day and broke it.  My parents are out of town for a few weeks and I think my mom is worried.  So I guess I'm on big sister duty to check on him.  (I am worried about him, but he's a pretty tough cookie!)

Anyways, I may find something to set these with - thinking something dark grey maybe, but I'm not sure.  There are a lot of shades of grey and black and white in there.  Yes, shades of black.  You know what I'm talking about.  So we'll see if anything inspires me.  If not, one of the local quilt shops is moving a few towns south of here and she's having a good sale until she moves.  Maybe there?  Or, you know, at the local quilt shop that's been here forever and isn't going anywhere...

In other news, I did fix the quilt from my last post that was sewn wrong.  I'll share that in an upcoming post...even if it waits until its UFO month because I forget about it some...

Time to go relax a little so I can get a good night sleep for the big show tomorrow!  I've already heard it's pretty awesome and am looking forward to the vendors with things my local shops don't carry (you can only cram so much into the space, but the one that isn't moving is sure trying to get it ALL in there!) and new ideas and inspiration and family too!

Happy quilting,


Carol R. said...

It will be interesting to see how you get all those blocks together into one cohesive quilt top. Have fun at the show tomorrow; I wish I had gone this year, but it was just as well that I didn't plan on going because my plans would have had to be cancelled. There's always next year :).

---"Love" said...

You have way more imagination than I have for you to be able to make all those different blocks! I'd never figure all those out! Can't wait to see them all together and a finished quilt! Have fun at the show, and don't spend all your money in one place! ---"Love"

Marsha B said...

So many different shades of orange but that is what makes the blocks so interesting! Your quilt is going to be so pretty. Glad you stuck with making all of those blocks. Have fun at the show! ! !

a good yarn said...

I’m in awe of your dedication to these blocks. You’ve chosen the colour combinations so well and seeing them together I understand why this design appealed to you so. It’s going to be a stunning quilt,

Judy Biggerstaff said...

Love the oranges. So interesting to see your blocks. Keep them coming and a quilt will follow.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Nice job on your ORANGE blocks and I hope you had fun at the show!!

canuckquilter said...

Good for you for persevering with these blocks. I'll keep watching to see how you put them all together. Will you be making more of those tiny stars at some point?

Ruth said...

Those blocks are interesting! And the names given to them are rather strange. Sorry I haven't read your post until now. I have been busy and haven't read any posts for more than a week! Yikes!!