Friday, March 16, 2018

green finished and rethinking

After posting last Saturday morning, I got on a roll with making my rainbow scrap challenge blocks.

#21 apartment
(this is one of my faves!)

#22 river walk

#23 turnstile

#24 rose garden

And then Sunday...

#25 traffic cones

#26 raindrops

#27 post office box

And then I snuck in a block a day a few days this week, too!

#28 window washer
(paper pieced this one - much better outcome than I think templates would have given)

#29 corrugated cardboard
(this one had a few lost triangles...don't worry, they're not totally lost...)

and finally...

#30 tiki bar

30 blocks out of 75.  Closing in on halfway!  One more month of blocks and I should hit halfway.  I can't believe how fast this has gone, but I know there will be months with colors I am not using, and that will slow progress.  (Don't worry, I have other projects planned!)

As usual, I made tiny stars as leader-enders and the lost corners?  Another pincushion.

Let's see them all together, shall we?

Quite the variety of greens in there - now that they're all photographed at one time in the same (not great) lighting.

I'm still not in love with this quilt, but I'm not as ready to quit as I was a month and a half ago, either.

I had planned to finish the last few green blocks this weekend, but plans change and I made them during the week.  Green is done!

But how did plans change?

So remember Philip's quilt?  The orange and turquoise kinda-busy thing?  Remember he's a coworker and getting married in three months?  Well, now he's leaving for a new job and I'm pretty sure he won't be inviting us old coworkers to the wedding.  His last day is next Friday.  So the quilt top is done, and because the local quilt shop had a good special, I found this perfect fabric for a back on Saturday, before the announcement on Tuesday:

(on clearance, even!)

But now I'm rethinking my decision to give the quilt.  I can have it finished (ordered peachy-orange thread Tuesday!) by next Friday (yay having my own longarm!), but do I want to?  Would that be weird?  A wedding gift super early?  I mean, it's not like he got fired or something, so maybe I'm overthinking it.  So I ask you, blog readers, what would you do?

(I think I'm still going to quilt it this weekend - once the thread arrives - and work toward having it finished, so I can make the final decision least this way if I decide yes, it's ready!)

In other news...well, there's not really any other news!  Which I guess, in a way, is good news.

Time to go do a few Friday chores so I can play more this weekend.

On what?

Who knows!

The green squirrel has been fairly silent once the Philip situation changed, so that's nice.  We'll see if she comes back out with a fresh day tomorrow...

Happy quilting,


Carol R. said...

Could it be a "sorry you're leaving" quilt instead of an early wedding gift? Even though I don't understand how the designer came up with some of the names for that city quilt, I like seeing what you're doing; it's definitely interesting.

---"Love" said...

Just wondering; will you be invited and going to the wedding? If so, why not take it to the reception. Or as already suggested, maybe it could be a "going away" gift, if you can get it finished. If he is just a co-worker, and when he's gone, he's gone from your life, I'd probably keep the quilt myself. If you will remain friends who stay in touch fairly regularly, just give it to him after the wedding at an appropriate time.
Those green block are indeed interesting. ---"Love"

a good yarn said...

The scrap challenge is intriguing and fascinating. It's like a modern art work. I do hope you finish it as I think that once it's all together it will coalesce. I do like that backing fabric and can see your dilemma. Perhaps best to stick with your original plan and give it as a wedding gift.

Kat Scribner said...

what interesting blocks and interesting fabrics, makes my stash seem old. lol So bright and happy.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Love, love, LOVE your tiny green stars and that wee pincushion!! Good luck with your gifting dilemma. I would say keep to have on-hand when another event comes along, donate, or sell it (unless you get an invitation to the wedding!!)

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What a great variety of blocks!

Beth said...

I love all the color challenge blocks you have been working on. I read blogs a lot, but have not been able to comment. Works sometimes, and sometimes not so much. I changed everything and so far I can get in and comment.
I think I agree with Love on the gifting of the quilt.

Marsha B said...

Your color challenge blocks are so interesting, I keep wondering how they are all going to look together. I will be watching for the finish. That is a quilt dilemma, I'd go ahead and finish the quilt and see how you feel about it. If you are invited to the wedding, problem solved. If not, follow your heart about gifting or not. The backing fabric is a perfect choice.

Ruth said...

I think I would wait to see if you are invited to the wedding. If not, save it for a gift for someone else. It's nice to have a back-up gift ready to give. I love it when I find fabric on clearance!! I can't imagine how the designer of the other quilt can give each block a unique name. I have a hard enough time thinking of one name per quilt!